Kilimall celebrates 4th anniversary with Kshs 40 million worth of rewards to customers

The fourth anniversary sale of Kilimall, being celebrated with the #Kilimall4th online campaign, will run from July 2 to 15, 2018. The momentous celebration, being a customer’s-centered event, will recognize the outstanding and incessant support that the customers have afforded to keep Kilimall in business for the last four successful solid years. Consequently, Kilimall is set to give back the gains from the sales to reward their customers in a big way across the three nations.

Kilimall has reached this height because Kenyans, Ugandans and Nigerians trust in the services of the company and have had constantly rising shopping throughout the last four years. It is because of this trust and support that has led to rapid and significant growth of the company. With incorporation of technology, Kilimall has built a better shopping experience which has positively impacted the life standard of African people not only economically but socially as well.

In the last aforementioned four years, Kilimall has transformed from a small e-commerce company to one of the biggest well-established internet company that is now serving close to a million customers within the three regions. This anniversary therefore is expected to attract new customers as the company celebrates some of the biggest achievements to this far. These are among the biggest achievements:

  • Advanced and secure payment system- Development of new payment system – MPESA express channel that is fast, efficient secure and reliable, and incorporation of new payment method known as Lipa na Installment which is a soft way of making payment.
  • Tracking system that allows you to check your order’s status- With the modernized logistic system, customers can now track their orders in transit which is a milestone improvement.
  • Thousands of product varieties and choices- With the cooperation with some giant brands such as Skyworth, Huawei, Techno, Samsung, Infinix among others, the inventory consist of cutting-edge quality and affordable products from both local and international manufacturers. Customers can select from thousands of available products from different categories such as electronics, home appliances clothes, men/women fashions and many more from Kilimall online platform. This has enhanced customer’s satisfaction, which is the integral part of the company’s goal.

Above all, Kilimall has made a positive revolutionary social impact to the African societies. In its partnership with Department for International Development (DFID) and the Norwegian Refugee Council with the funding from UKAID, Kilimall launched a program that offers refugees and their hosting communities a better access to online markets in order to build sustainable livelihoods for their economic and social wellbeing. This online market platform branded Sparkbay Online Marketing Platform provides market to the thousands of refugees’ locally made products.

Furthermore, Kilimall has played a major role in creation of jobs in an effort to curb unemployment, a problem that every society irrespective of the continent that they call home has. In this case, through some initiatives, it has provided about 200 direct and thousands of indirect jobs.

During this anniversary event, Kilimall will reward its customers greatly for their loyalty with gifts and millions worth of vouchers.


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