SEACOM signs up over 3,000 enterprise customers in Kenya and South Africa

SEACOM’s enterprise division has hit major milestones with the launch of SEACOM Business services for corporate customers by signing up more than 3,000 new enterprise customers across Kenya and South Africa. SEACOM is driving much of this growth through channel partners across Africa and is delivering more than 150 new services each month.

By leveraging its capacity on its undersea cable system and continent-wide IP-MPLS network, as well as the capabilities of its cloud services, SEACOM is helping to enable businesses in South Africa to smoothly transition to the cloud. Its business offerings, depending on region, include Fibre Internet Access with options ranging from 25Mbps up to 1Gbps.

SEACOM grew its reach in South African and Kenyan metros by establishing new interconnect agreements with last-mile suppliers and securing wireless network access in areas where there is not yet any last-mile fibre in the ground.

In South Africa, SEACOM acquired the business of Macrolan in line with its aim of strengthening its fibre internet access business. SEACOM is evaluating several other acquisitions, with an emphasis on companies in urban centres in South Africa and Kenya that could add enterprise customers or last-mile assets to its portfolio.

“Across South Africa and Kenya, we’re seeing great adoption of our fibre connectivity as well as of our private and outsourced network solutions. We have encountered enormous pent-up demand for high-speed connectivity and quality bandwidth at an affordable cost,” says SEACOM CEO, Byron Clatterbuck.

“We aim to help enterprises access the reliable and fast connectivity they need to migrate smoothly to the cloud and unleash the full power of video, modern collaborative apps and other bandwidth-hungry business solutions.”

SEACOM’s business offering includes the following:

  • Internet Access provides customers with high-speed access to the Internet through multiple global tier 1 providers, a mesh of subsea and terrestrial routes as well as optimized routing to many key African operators, service providers and content delivery networks.
  • Ethernet services offer dedicated, transparent, EoMPLS layer-2 virtual private networking (VPN) connectivity across SEACOM’s network and onwards through our international partner networks.
  • Private Line Services give clients secure, dedicated, low-latency connectivity across multiple cable systems connecting Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as national to key interconnection points in Africa.
  • Cloud services – Hosted mail, online backup, end-point protection, virtual hosting and other Cloud services provide customers with the ability to leverage the cloud to improve business processes and reduce costs.

SEACOM Business division leverages its infrastructure and last-mile partnerships to provide the African enterprise market with connectivity and cloud services at highly competitive prices.

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