IRONSCALES boosts its phishing threat prevention platform with new feature

IRONSCALES, the provider of automated phishing prevention, detection and response solutions, has announced the availability of non-blocking cloud-native API deployment for all of its anti-email phishing modules. Now with no physical plugins required, the platform’s mailbox-level anomaly detection, automated incident response and threat intelligence sharing solutions can be installed on any mobile device and tablet using G-Suite and MS Office 365 with a seamless two-click implementation process.

By eliminating the need to change Domain Name System (DNS) MX records, IRONSCALES platform becomes the first anti-email phishing technology to ensure maximum deliverability of non-malicious emails while also eliminating time-consuming implementation from SOC and security teams.

“It was imperative for us to offer non-blocking cloud-native API deployment as more and more companies are choosing to move their essential email services to the cloud and are looking for a fast and non-intrusive process to deploy,” said Eyal Benishti, IRONSCALES’ founder and CEO. “Now, businesses can implement the entire IRONSCALES anti-phishing platform in just two-clicks and begin to bolster their email security in ways that Google and Microsoft are unable to provide. With the ability to utilize all IRONSCALES modules on any device and tablet, businesses can promptly build an even stronger phishing defense foundation to stop sophisticated attacks faster than ever before.”

With IRONSCALES native cloud support customers can now enjoy:

1.    Business Email Compromise (BEC) detection in real-time
2.    Immediate in-mail alerts of impersonation attempt for users
3.    Immediate blocking of malicious links and attachments
4.    Automated forensics of suspicious and user-reported emails
5.    One-click response/Clawback for the security team

Benefits of non-blocking cloud-native API deployment include:

  • Rapid implementation in just two clicks on any endpoint using G-Suite or MS Office 365
  • No MX records changes required
  • Maximum deliverability of all non-malicious emails
  • No Microsoft Outlook or Chrome plugin installation on the endpoints required
  • Silent upgrades
  • Platform agnostic (Windows or Mac)
  • Mobile and tablet compatible

“The cloud-native API deployment has made it significantly easier for us to extend IRONSCALES anti-phishing platform to more of our employee’s endpoints, including tablets and mobile devices,” said Itzik Menashe, VP of Global IT & Infosec at Telit. “With a rapid implementation process that is directly in cloud and requires no installation, we can provide our workers with unprecedented phishing mitigation technology in no time.”

The IRONSCALES platform seamlessly integrates with G-Suite and Microsoft Office365 environments for those customers looking to bolster their anti-phishing and email security. The platform was specifically built to automatically prevent, detect and respond to sophisticated spear-phishing attacks that can now easily evade secure email gateways and other legacy email security tools. IRONSCALES combines micro-learning phishing simulation and awareness training (IronSchool), with advanced mailbox-level anomaly detection (IronSights), automated phishing forensics & incident response (IronTraps) and real-time automated actionable intelligence sharing (Federation) technologies. By providing protection at every stage of an email phishing attack, IRONSCALES’ customers reduce the time from email phishing attack discovery to enterprise-wide remediation from days, weeks or months to just seconds, with little to no security team involvement.


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