Here’s Facebook Camera to ensure you never miss a moment

People’s lives are full of incredible moments. However big or small, capturing and sharing it with others means members of your social network can enjoy that moment with you.

With Facebook’s Camera, it has never been easier to capture memories in the moment and share instantly with friends.

Users can access the Facebook camera as they would on any smartphone. The Facebook Camera has a flash, a zoom function and even a front facing camera, for when only a selfie will do.

Facebook Camera’s fun selection of filters means that users can layer images and animations directly on top of their picture. When taking a selfie, select the wand button and an abundance of filters appears for users to choose from, letting them get creative and adding fun into any moment.

Part of the joy of taking a photo is showing it to others. That’s why users have several options as to how they want to share their content with friends. They can choose to add the content to their Story, which is a collection of images and videos taken over a 24 hour period or Post the image so it appears in their network‘s News Feeds. This will allow their friends and family to interact with the image or video, using Likes and Comments.

Whichever way they share, Facebook users have complete control over who sees the images and videos they take by tweaking their privacy settings. Just underneath the option to Post, is the button ‘Share with:’ which allows them to choose who can view their photo or video. Additionally, privacy settings can be adjusted so other users cannot Comment, Like or Share their Posts, photos and videos.

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