Relational unveils AroTRON software to help Kenya’s banks in loan recovery, collections

Relational, a Greek financial solutions software firm, has launched a new solution, AroTRON Collections & Recoveries, targeted at Kenya’s banking industry.

During an event held at a Nairobi hotel, Relational unveiled AroTRON Collections & Recoveries to key bank executives and its partners. Focusing on non-performing loans (NPLs), presentations and discussions at the event also explored the rising trend of NPLs and its repercussions on the economy as well as best practices for establishing effective collections measures and the appropriate tools for streamlined processes and successful KPIs.

(TOP: George Tsintilas, Sales Director, Relational – left – and Tunde Oladele, CEO, Software Group Africa, addressing the media after the launch of the  AroTRON Collections & Recoveries software In Nairobi. Software Group will act as the local partner for Relational while working with local financial institutions). 

Mr Agisilaos Papagiannopoulos, the Vice President of Sales at Relational stated: “After several years of intensive efforts to penetrate the Kenyan Financial Services sector, we are proud today to see that our hard work and adamant work ethic have come to fruition.  This is what the participation of so many important banking executives who honoured us with their presence today proves to us.   We hope that this event showcased Relational’s value once again and would like to assure the local Financial Services market that we will continue to do our absolute best to secure our place as a trusted and reliable business software partner.”

Relational first established its presence in the Kenyan Financial Services sector five years ago, with a major installation of its Loan Origination solution, i-Apply. After a total of three successful Loan Origination installations in Kenyan Banks and following international trends, the company is shifting its focus to Arrears Management with its AroTRON Collections & Recoveries software solution and an extensive experience covering every aspect of the implementation of Collections, Recoveries and Litigation Management projects.

Currently, Relational is considered a market leader in Arrears Management across a wide geography that spans from the Baltics to the Mediterranean Sea, covering 27 countries in 3 continents. Using this experience as a driving force, Relational continues to invest in the East Africa Lending Market, customizing AroTRON to focus on the specifics of East Africa like mobile lending, virtual customers, micro lending etc.

Relational, an international software developer, was founded in Athens, Greece in 1995. Since then, Relational has grown from one of the most promising independent software vendors in Greece, to an international software developer with offices in 3 European countries, 220 employees and a client base all over Europe, Northern and Sub Saharan Africa and the Arab Peninsula.

Relational has developed critical business software solutions for the banking, telecoms, retail, and government sectors, while it also delivers integrated Business Intelligence, Data warehousing and Business Service Management solutions in cooperation with a number of leading international software vendors. Its customer base includes over 300 corporate customers across all industries. Especially in the banking sector, over 50,000 users operate Relational’s mission critical software applications. All banks in Greece, and the top banks in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Africa rely on Relational for their major IT systems.

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