HFC urges developers to create apps that can enhance its HF Whizz platform

HFC, the banking subsidiary of HF Group, has launched an initiative where it will partner with local developers to create complementary apps that would enhance its HF Whizz digital banking platform following its launch last month.

The bank has called upon developers to help create a new connected experience for the end user to deliver a tested interoperable solution.

Sam Waweru, the HFC Managing Director  said that while HF Whizz incorporates the latest technological functionalities, the bank is keen to receive ideas on how to expand its multi-channel customer experience by building native cross-platform applications.

“We are partnering with the local developers community to build native functionalities that will differentiate us from competitors. Together we will work to ensure easy integration of their suggestions to promote scalability of the platform,” said Waweru.

Nekesa Were, the iHub managing partner, said the local developers’ partners welcome opportunities to create unique applications that support customer financial freedom.

“As an innovation hub, we seek to create solutions that will help corporates adapt to the ways in which consumers want to be served and experience financial services. In a world that is truly modern, disruptive and fast changing, tech savvy consumers are challenging stakeholders in financial services sector to transform the traditional banking services,” said Nekesa.

The new digital banking platform, HF Whizz – which was launched recently – allows customers to access end to end banking solutions directly from their smart phones. The platform allows customers to instantly open a virtual account using their national identification card open, transfer up to Kshs 200,000 daily, pay bills, purchase goods and services and get instant loans.

In addition, the platform provides lifestyle value-add functionalities such as budgeting, real time settlement, and free limitless bank account access among others. To castigate fraud, the digital platform has multiple built-in security layers including an advanced account authentication feature to ensure secure transactions.

With Kenya having over 90 percent mobile phone penetration and an estimated Kshs 1.22 trillion worth of transactions in the Q2 of 2017, HFC seeks to be a frontier in the next generation of financial services providers.

The mortgage lending and banking subsidiary of HF Group has invested heavily in innovation targeted at meeting changing consumer needs and providing solutions that require minimal effort by its customers.


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