Online dating – The best tips on how to detect and avoid scams

Reading some old books makes you wonder how complicated finding a partner has been previously. First of all it must have been someone from your high school, college or your work. Then there would have been a lot of nerves before asking your crush out. You had to collect all your courage and you never knew whether the answer would be positive. You could also get disappointed on the date, as your crush may not correspond to what you have pictured about him/her in your head.

Now everything is quite simple. You just go to or any other dating site or app where you can chat with your prospective partners, getting to know them, as long as you want before you decide to ask one of them out on the offline date. No more nerves. What can possibly go wrong? Well, whenever there is something good, there sure must be something bad. And the bad thing about online dating is online dating scam.

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Online dating scam is the worst thing that can happen about online dating. Certain people turn away from online dating for good, after falling a victim of scam. It makes no surprise, considering the fact that you are the most vulnerable when you are in love and being fooled by your “beloved one” is the worst thing possible. That’s why you need to avoid online dating scam at any cost. And in order to help you we’ve collected the best tips on avoiding online dating scams, which we offer you to check out without further ado.

  1. Pay Attention

You need to pay attention when you are corresponding with your pen-mate. Does his/her language seem quite strange? Like the profile states that the girl doesn’t know English, but she’s quite fluent in it when it comes to chatting? Well, that could be a scam. Your online date-mate seems to good to be true on the profile picture? Well, search via Google pictures search. That’s how you can figure whether you are chatting with the real person or a con artist. You should also check your pen-mate on Google and social media. If everything seems clear – okay, if not, you should stop chatting with that person.  And for those looking to chat with new people online, we recommend that you do some real dating on Eharmony today.

  1. Mind the Speed

Another thing that you should mind when dating online is the speed of your relationship develop. While there are true instances of love at first sight, you shouldn’t be naive. You know that you need some time to get to know each other. That’s why it may look quite strange that the person whom you are chatting with for less than one week starts telling you how much he/she is in love with you. Especially when you don’t feel the same. On the one hand it can be someone overly romantic, but on the other hand, it can be an inexperienced swindler.

  1. Keep Your Data to Yourself

Last, but not the least. Keep your data to yourself, as that’s what scammers are hunting for. Mind that nobody is going to ask you about your bank account straightforward. But your chat-mate may ask you about your email. And that’s when you need to get suspicious. If someone starts using a dating app, why on earth they need your email? They can reach you here.

After learning everything above, you may feel safer when engaging into online dating, still, you should stick only with trustworthy dating services. So, check out the reviews of the site before registering on it.

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