After 4 years in Kampala, SafeBoda now expands its services to Nairobi, Kenya

SafeBoda, a motorcycle ride service which was founded in Kampala, Uganda, four years ago, has launched its services in Nairobi, Kenya. Since its launch, SafeBoda has so far signed up over 5,000 trained and professional riders serving more than a 100,000 customers every week in Kampala.

The SafeBoda application is now one of the most frequently downloaded apps in Uganda, reaching the No. 1 position ahead of WhatsApp and Facebook in early August.

The technology platform was built in East Africa to serve the needs of passengers and riders in highly congested cities across the region.

In Nairobi, SafeBoda’s mobile application connects qualified, professional and trained riders to passengers in need of convenient, safe and affordable transport at the click of a button.

“Our aim is to improve the industry for both riders and passengers by increasing the number of safe trips taken per day and by making travel around cities convenient and stress-free. The community of SafeBoda’s receives extensive training on road safety and first aid, bike care as well as maintenance and customer service in a bid to make them all round professionals”, states the firm in a media release.

“They are also equipped with two high quality helmets, two highly visible reflectors for both the rider and the passenger and a new disposable hair-net for every passenger to ensure helmet hygiene.”

SafeBoda’s are accountable and trackable as they each have a unique identification number on both helmet and reflector and have their name boldly written at the back of the reflector jacket. This is further enhanced by a code of conduct that holds them to higher standards of professionalism on the roads.

For enhanced road safety, SafeBoda has partnered with a number of organizations including Safe Way Right Way, the Red Cross, and the Global Road Safety Partnership – a World Bank funded global initiative to save lives on the roads.

To order a SafeBoda, one has to download and install the app (available for both Android and iOS devices), then make payments cashlessly via the SafeBoda credit which can be topped up (or reloaded) using M-PESA.

SafeBoda is currently available in Westlands, Parklands, Mbagathi Way, Madaraka, Lavington, Upper Hill, Kilimani, Kileleshwa and Riverside.

However, SafeBoda will have to compete with individual boda bodas as well as Taxify Boda for clients.


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