CA puts up two-classroom block at Meguarra Primary School in Kajiado County

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) last weekend unveiled a two-classroom block worth Kshs 3 million at Meguarra Primary School in Kajiado County. The classes were constructed under the CA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme following pleas by the school for support in 2016.

The support will go long way in alleviating the poor learning conditions at the school, located in a remote and semi arid area.

(TOP: CA Director General Francis Wangusi – right – commissions the classroom block at Meguarra Primary School in Kajiado County).

CA Director General Francis Wangusi who graced the event was greatly touched by the plight of the school with a population of about 160 pupils, but with no adequate decent learning facilities.

Wangusi while acknowledging the two new classrooms would be a big boost for the school, called on other well-wishers and area leaders to chip in and improve the infrastructure at the school.

‘‘I wish to therefore challenge all stakeholders gathered here, right from the leaders, the community
and to other public and private entities to see what more they can do, to finish the work we have
began here,’’ said Wangusi.

Until the Authority extended its gesture, the pupils have been learning under trees and using the local church building which is shared by three classes as well as serving as the head teacher’s office.

This sorry state of affairs is further complicated by poor road network in the area that makes the school inaccessible to teachers and pupils during the rainy seasons as the seasonal rivers flood making roads impassable.

This means that for a huge portion of the year, the teachers who stay in Kajiado town about 50 kilometers away, cannot access the school every time it rains, as it borders a seasonal river.

In the face of those difficulties, teachers have been forced to share a ramshackle two room tin structure for their accommodation overnight for the week, transforming the same into a staff room during the day.

Besides, the poor learning facilities, the area, the residents have to content with the constant threat of marauding wild animals like elephants and hyenas posing a threat to safety in the area. The area residents thanked the Authority for the gesture, which they said would boost the confidence of the pupils and teachers to work harder in school.

‘‘We are humbled by your gesture. The pupils will now learn and make a bright future for themselves and the community,’’ said the school patron Jeremiah Terta, who also donated the land for the school.

Through the Universal Service Fund (USF) the Authority has also rolled a number of projects in to enhance access to communications services in the country.

Currently, CA has deployed high speed Internet to 896 secondary schools in Kenya. In Kajiado County, 8 secondary schools have benefited from the project, geared towards boosting uptake of digital learning. These schools include Oloolaiser High School, Oloitokitok Secondary School, Olkejuado High School, Ilbissil Girls, Sajiloni Girls, Snr. Chief Rissa Oloosuyian, Kiluani High School and Najile Boys.

Additionally, the Authority has implemented a voice infrastructure project in the county, which has seen areas in which previously people were unable to communicate through mobile phones due to network unavailability, now enjoy a new experience of connecting to the world around them. The sub locations that are now live and connected include Kisamis, Embarbal, Endoinyo-olasho, Oloika, Pakase and Shompole


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