Airtel Kenya expands free internet program to 30 schools in Nyeri County

Airtel’s Internet for Schools program continues to harness the strength of the company’s technology to drive change in the community by giving more and more students the freedom to connect to the world of information, helping them to learn better and open up a new world of opportunities for their future. Through its partnership with Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) and Longhorn Publishers, Airtel has extended its free internet services to 30 schools in Nyeri County with a value addition of free access to e-learning content from Longhorn publishers that is geared towards enhancing digital learning.

This great contribution by Airtel, CFSK and Longhorn Publishers continues to enable students and teachers to have full access to learning tools provided through the internet thereby expanding their learning opportunities and enhancing their quality of education which leads to high engagement by all during classes.  Longhorn is proud to be a leader of innovating digital materials in the region and is in collaboration with Airtel and CFSK to ensure learners access relevant materials aligned to the curriculum in Kenya and in the region.

(TOP: The Nyeri Schools’ teachers and principals with the Airtel Kenya, CFSK and Longhorn team members take a group photo following a successful launch of the Internet for Schools program in Nyeri County).

The Nyeri schools add to the over 300 schools that have so far benefitted from Airtel’s Free Internet for Schools program across 36 counties. From its inception in 2014, the program was set to address the challenge especially for students in poor rural and marginalized areas that are unable to access basic text books and learning materials. The initiative therefore aims to ensure that learners are able to leverage on education content that the internet provides.

The new partnership with Longhorn Publishers further seeks to enrich the value proposition for the free internet to all the 30 schools by delivering digitized content preloaded in CFSK’s computers and to be accessed via Airtel’s network. The portal also offers the option to purchase other educational materials through its eBooks store. The eLearning Platform and eBooks stores are uniquely developed to deliver personalized e-learning items in various digital formats to the schooling generation.

In a statement, Airtel Kenya CEO Prasanta Das Sarma said; “It is becoming apparent that Internet use and adaptation to the rapidly emerging technological advancements cannot be overlooked especially in the education sector. Therefore as a company, we deem it fit to ensure that students all over the country gain access to the Internet and thus be able to glean from the numerous benefits and learning tools that come with it.”

“We are honored to be extending our services to the schools in Nyeri County and we continue to appreciate our partners CFSK and Longhorn Publishers for joining us in this journey that seeks to empower our students with opportunities that will allow them to be fully engaged in the endless world of opportunities that the internet provides as well as gain access to education resources that will enrich their studies,” he added.

Internet connectivity and access being one of the areas in which CFSK is working on. The company continues to collaborate with various partners such as Airtel and Longhorn publishers in a bid develop a business model that would enable learning institutions enjoy the immense benefits of the World Wide Web in a sustainable manner.

“The partnership between CFSK, Airtel and Longhorn is very important to our organization. In line with our mission, our focus is on empowerment of youth in Kenya which this partnership serves to fulfill. Internet connectivity and access to content does not only play a role in youth and women empowerment but are key drivers in the development of ICT knowledge,” Bonnie Mbithi, the General Manager at CFSK.

Speaking on the partnership with Airtel, Longhorn Publishers, Group Managing Director, Maxwell Wahome said: “As a company, we are proud of the continued cordial relationship with our technology partners. With Airtel Kenya, we purpose to deliver digital content to over 1 million learners across the country. We believe that this initiative is a noble idea targeting to birth a new techno-savvy generation that will be compliant with the dictates of this era. Buoyed by the success of our experimental projects and programs, we are convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that our e-learning platforms will revolutionize education in Africa and beyond.’’

Airtel’s internet for schools is positioned to go a long way in ensuring that students across the country attain the necessary skills for their respective ages. The program has so far improved student engagement and made accessible the kind of knowledge that matches up to the Western world preparing them with the required knowledge and skills to survive in a world where information has become the new currency.


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