Yggdrasil branches out, expands into Spanish market

As one of the biggest names in online casino gaming, Yggdrasil has recently announced their expansion into the new world of the Spanish market. So what should players know about this gaming giant, and what might we expect from their expansion into the future?

Who Are Yggdrasil?

Taking their name from the World Tree of Norse mythology, Yggdrasil does not operate as an online casino themselves, but rather as a supplier of a range of games for many of the best and biggest online casinos in the world. As a software developer, they are responsible for some of the most highly regarded in the business, with their stated focus on quality over quantity.

Slots like Hanzo’s Dojo and Wolf Hunters remain among the highest rated in online slot raters, with their entire line of games popular enough to draw dedicated fans and websites alike.

Growing larger still

With this most recent development, Yggdrasil has expanded into unprecedented new waters, with the update to Yggdrasil’s new logo helping reflect this evolution and growth. Understanding why this is such a big deal comes with understanding Spain’s notoriously strict laws when it comes to games offered by the online casino industry.

Online-Pokern” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

Now with these additional entries into both mobile and traditional desktop or laptop-based casino games, Yggdrasil opens up entirely new avenues to players within the country. As an industry which has come so far since the early days of the internet, yet which remains one with still a lot of ground to cover, this marks yet another step into the true global adaption of many already popular products.

With some of the biggest casinos like LeoVegas, Mr Green, and Casumo already in their corner, the floodgates are poised to open, and set to burst.

Industry leader

Yggdrasil stands as a rare success story in the world of online gaming. Despite offering the slogan of “We are not the biggest but the best”, the quality of their games has led them to expand on such an enormous level that, in effect, they really have become one of the biggest.

All of this while not forgetting their focus on quality means that the future of Yggdrasil is a bright one, and you can bet we’ll be watching how their newfound reach will work out for them in the future.


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