Agritech contest aims to transform wheat and faba been value chain in Ethiopia

The Green Innovation Center in partnership with iceAddis, an innovation hub based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, have announced a call for entries for the Green Innovation Slam 2018, a business competition designed to encourage and support innovations in the food value chain of wheat and faba bean, two major crops and staple foods in the country. The competition is targeting any businesses and organisations with innovative ideas in this sector (or area).

It is the intention of the organizer, the Green Innovation Center, that the contest will support and promote innovations in the wheat and faba bean value chain.

Entry to the Green Innovation Slam 2018 competition is free and open to all natural persons and organisations. Applications should come from those within the age of 18 years and above on the date of submission; residents of Ethiopia and have a registered business.

Participants may compete as a consortium, in which case they must appoint a representative; however, each team member must be identified individually. Awards given to a consortium or an organisation shall be split among its members.

Submissions must address one of the four competition categories:

  • Nutrition & Consumer Market: We are looking for businesses that want to enter the market with new or improved products or innovations in food processing for food security and healthy eating.
  • Information & Communication Technologies: Are you using or planning on developing technologies that assist in supply chain management, standardization, quality management, distribution or market data?
  • Equipment & Machinery: Does your innovative product increase productivity, ease maintenance or substitute imports?
  • Newcomer & Startups: If you are working on a scalable business idea and can prove traction and are established in the last 2 years, you can also apply.

The Green Innovation Slam 2018 is a two-stage competition. Phase 1 is open to all interested businesses and organisations registered in Ethiopia. The entries will be shortlisted to participate in Phase 2 in order to specify concept details and refine presentation materials.

“We welcome innovations still in the idea stage but they must relate to the particular value proposition of the business or organisation. As this is an idea competition, participants are requested to only submit ideas that have not been published or marketed in any country. Ideas can only be submitted through the competition’s website,” states the Green Innovation Slam 2018 announcement on the iceAddis website.

The submission should include a detailed description including:

  • What is your existing business model?
  • What challenge is your innovation addressing? Please refer to one of the four challenges described above.
  • How does your concept increase your market potential?
  • Describe your target group. Who will benefit from your idea?
  • Describe your idea. How does it work? What inputs, materials, systems and methods do you use? What activities for piloting are foreseen? What are the intended outputs and outcomes of your innovation?

The participants can submit their entries in one the official competition languages – that is English, Amharic and Afaan Oromo – by November 11, 2018 via email to

Shortlisted entries will be notified in order to receive further instruction and training opportunities to prepare for submission of Phase 2 involving: Revised concept; Implementation plan; Graphical illustration of the concept or photos and Due diligence form.

The awards’ Jury will then meet in December 2018 to nominate the winners of phase II in the 4 categories.

Awards for traveling to Germany and expert support for prototyping will be distributed in each category. The awards can only be disbursed with the participation in the support programme.

The winners will be informed within one week after submission of Phase II by the organisers or iceAddis while the public announcement of the winners will be made at an event in December 2018.


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