Airtel Kenya revamps Amazing Data Bundles offer, customers to enjoy free WhatsApp access

Airtel continues to offer its customers more value for money with the revamp of its Amazing Data Bundles that have driven increased uptake of data and over-the-top services across the country. Its latest offering of more data and free WhatsApp will ensure that customers receive more data at the same rates as before and also enjoy free WhatsApp services.

Research statistics released in 2018 by Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) shows that there are at least 12 million Kenyans who use WhatsApp. These high number of users confirms that there is great demand for these services especially amongst the Kenyan youth who are Airtel’s key target audience.  Airtel recognizes that providing access to social platforms for free offers great value to its youthful customers to be connected with their family and friends wherever they are.

Speaking on the newly revamped amazing data bundles, Airtel Kenya managing director, Prasanta Das Sarma said: “Access to the internet has become universal and essential for all people and Airtel recognizes that offering affordable and quality internet access is key to enabling customers achieve more in their personal and business development. We are happy to introduce our revamped Amazing data bundle offerings that will also allow our customers to enjoy more data and free WhatsApp that does not eat into their bundles. This is really True Free WhatsApp without any conditions.”

The main differentiator of the free WhatsApp offering by Airtel from other data bundles in the market is that it does not consume your data bundles and thus ensures that customers’ data bundles last for longer, ensuring that customers get free WhatsApp throughout the validity of the mother bundle at no extra cost. The WhatsApp offering also does not deny customers access or reduce the speeds of access when one’s data is depleted. This means that customers still enjoy great speeds while accessing WhatsApp even after they finish their bundles.

The increase in data demand and usage continues to fuel Airtel’s drive to keep offering the most competitive data services for all its customers, ensuring that the company continues to invest in the upgrade of its network across the country. Airtel launched the high speed 4G data network in Nairobi and Mombasa in 2018 with planned expansion to other major towns currently underway.

Below are the new Amazing data Bundles offerings:


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