EasyPDF, a new online tool that helps you work with PDFs totally anonymously

EasyPDF is a new online PDF converter that can convert PDFs to other formats and back. If you need a quick solution to convert PDF report to another format, then you should go with this tool. But, this isn’t the only reason you should choose this tool amongst many other services.

When was the last time you needed to get something done online and weren’t required to log-in or leave an email? The time you spent logging could be spent in a more productive way. Also, with the latest data breaches, you should be considered where you leave your data.

That is why there hasn’t been lately an online PDF suite as EasyPDF. It is all-in-one PDF solution that most people would like to use. It is free, without ads, anonymous and secure. There are no limitations on the number of free conversions or size of files. Instead of leaving your email everywhere and risking data theft, you can go to EasyPDF to get your documents converted without registration.

If you want to know what kind of services can you expect from EasyPDF, read a complete list of features it offers.

Converting PDF to other documents

EasyPDF can convert any PDF to other document formats without making changes to the text layout. You can convert PDF to Word, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, JPG, PNG and GIF. PDF conversion supports OCR technology, which means that you can convert scanned PDFs as well.

You can upload one PDF file per conversion from local storage, Google Drive or Dropbox. Start conversion and download the file. Instructions are pretty simple.

Creating PDF from any document

You can create PDF from almost any document. Convert Word, JPG, Excel, PowerPoint to PDF. Just choose the desired conversion and repeat the upload-convert-download process.

OCR online

OCR online feature is used to convert scanned images into Excel, Word, or Text files. It extracts the text from scanned photos and makes that text usable again.

First, you need to upload the image (PNG, JPG, TIF, TIFF, etc.) and select output type. Then you can convert the document.

Merge, split and compress PDF

EasyPDF can merge two or more PDFs into a single file. It can also split one PDF with more than one page into two or more documents. PDF compress feature reduces the size of any PDF.

That covers the functionality of EasyPDF. You can use EasyPDF on Windows, Linux, Mac or mobile browser. Non-English users can choose interface in 14 different languages available.

EasyPDF has just been released and it is available for all users completely free. It requires no setup to use. You can start using it immediately.

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