A special tool for managing PDF slides

It is claimed that 30 million presentations are created every day and there are more than half million PowerPoint users. Unlike Word and Excel, PowerPoint is more about data visualizations than data analysis and research. Whatever job you do, you should know that working on your pitch in a PowerPoint presentation can only help you finish your work earlier.

Apart from PowerPoint, there is another tool you should have in mind when dealing with presentations. It is called PDF to PowerPoint Converter and it actually extracts content from PDF slides.

You may wonder why would you have PDF slides at the first place?

PDF format is often used when you need to print a presentation, to upload it somewhere or to send it to your boss or colleague. If you want to make sure your recipient will be able to view your presentation in the same way you do, saving .ppt file as PDF is the right choice. PDF files are known for their ability to preserve the layout and content.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter – benefits

If you find yourself in this situation, that you have a presentation saved in PDF and you want to use it again, keep reading to learn about the benefits of this tool and how to use it.

  • Online, no installation needed
  • You can use it on every computer, no system requirements
  • Convert PDF files on Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile
  • Fast and accurate conversions
  • Scanned PDF files can also be converted
  • Very intuitive interface

How to convert PDF slides to PPT?

With this PDF to PPT Converter online you can turn your PDF slides into editable PowerPoint presentations.

The tool is free and it works on every operating system: Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also use it on your mobile phone or tablet.

Even if you have a scanned PDF presentation, it will successfully unlock content from the scanned PDF file.

Simply upload a PDF from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, enter your email address and then click “Start”. In a few moments you will receive an email with a download link to your file.

You can open the converted file in PowerPoint or any other similar presentation viewer. After the conversion the file is deleted from the servers automatically.

This tool is handy when you want to save time from making presentations and edit an old presentation saved in a PDF format. It turns your presentations from PDF to PPT format and you can edit your slides without need to create new ones.

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