MTC Namibia pilots Huawei LTE solution in Windhoek to boost network efficiency

MTC Namibia partnered with Huawei to put the 4T6S solution into large-scale commercial use. The area selected to benefit from this solution is the central business district of Windhoek with the move aimed to efficiently improve network capacity and overall user experience while helping to slash site power consumption and total cost of operation.

The broad deployment of this solution will help MTC Namibia to continuously widen its lead in the MBB market, while supporting its network strategy of prioritizing the best possible capacity, coverage, and quality of service.

The huge influx of tourists and people flowing throughout the city generates ultra-high data traffic and brings abundant business opportunities to MTC’s mobile networks. To cope with the situation, MTC Namibia decided to deploy Huawei’s latest 4T6S solution (as a part of the SingleRAN Pro solution) and perform capacity expansion at 1.8GHz, 2.1GHz bands in advance. The updated network is sure to handle the onsite heavy traffic and provide premium user experience.

After the 4T6S is deployed, resource congestion is greatly eased and the transmission data rate is considerably faster. With the average upload and download time shortened by 52%, subscribers can now access more benefits and perks brought by such mobile networks. In addition, MTC Namibia and Huawei have provided customized services for small and medium-sized enterprises, leading to 79% growth of traffic in the area. Subscribers’ long suppressed traffic requirements have been released. On top of tackling the limited capacity issue troubling MTC Namibia, the solution also supports future evolution, and greatly improves network competitiveness.

“MTC and Huawei have been working together as strategic partners for a very long time, providing the best telecom network services to consumers in Namibia, and it is a joint innovation between MTC and Huawei to ensure the successful deployment of the latest 4T6S solution. I am glad to see that Huawei’s solution has lived up to our expectations. “Thinus Smit, CEO of MTC said: “Our cooperation in the innovative SingleRAN Pro and 4.5G Evolution technologies is a milestone of our strategic relation, and it also marks the beginning of Gigabit society where consumers could enjoy faster and better mobile broadband experience, and the mobile broadband network with high speed, and big capacity enables the development of virtual reality, 4K high resolution video, internet of things, and many others new business opportunities. The Digital economy will be boosted by all these new businesses. ”

Chen Chuanfei, Head of Huawei LTE FDD Product Line, commented that 4T6S is an important capacity solution under the umbrella of Huawei SingleRAN Pro. The joint deployment of this solution in Windhoek doubles mobile network capacity and improves user experience without the addition of new sites or spectrum. We are one step closer towards realizing a 5G-oriented target network. MTC Namibia who is hoping to accelerate service monetization through traffic operation, try new business models, and discover new revenue growth points. Huawei is highly anticipating a long-lasting and fruitful partnership, and is eager to continue working closely with MTC Namibia. Together we can combine our strengths and continuously improve user experience, maximize spectral and operation efficiency, and pursue more and more innovation for greater business success.


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