Famous branding tools to establish a strong brand identity

Do you know about popular branding tools of top branding agencies around the world? Branding tools are techniques that help you refine and build a reputation for your firm. With these techniques, you can successfully increase the visibility of the brand. Each new brand needs these tools to establish a strong identity for its target audience. Sometimes, your marketing and branding strategy doesn’t work to verify the integrity of your brand. In this situation, you can get the advantage of some popular branding tools.

Audio Branding

Audio branding enables you to attach a recognizable sound to your name. With the help of this sound, your customers can recognize your brand without watching it. Audio branding can’t be a piece of cake. You have to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Copyright issues
  • Target audience
  • Lyrics
  • Tone
  • Industry
  • Type of brand

Nokia and McDonalds are famous names for audio branding. If you want to use audio branding, specify a specific tone of your brand by answering these questions:

  • What does a trademark stand for?
  • Do your brand has attractive differentiation to lure customers?
  • How can you make a unique and different voice from your competitors?

The proprietary sound must convey the meaning of your brand. Choose popular music for a visual representation of your brand. Good music taps two human senses and increases the probability of brand recognition. The customer buys products after using their listening and watching skills. A beguiling jingle could play an essential role in improving the sale of your brand. Audio branding can work better than video branding.

Video Branding

Video branding is a standard tool to express the objectives of your brand. This tool accommodates audio and visual content to influence the minds of potential customers. Branding agencies suggest the use of video branding to highlight your services and products.

Video content allows you to convey values and messages to customers. It allows you to send your message to customers directly. Video branding acts as tutorials for easy use of your products and services. With engaging content, you can tap into different types of mindsets. You can control the length and content of the video message. Web ads and television advertisements are famous examples.

Visual Branding 

This genus of branding includes pamphlets, poster design, logo design, and visual-textual content to access customers. Try to make a good first impression on potential clients to win their trust. Your color combinations and logo brand should become your identification. For instance, a big yellow “M” is a clear identification of McDonalds. A half-eaten apple means Apple Inc. Considering these examples; you must have an eye-catching slogan or visual to create a clear identity for your brand. Every element of your brand becomes its visual representation.

Content Marketing

Top brands depend on content marketing. Through content marketing, you can express your branding objectives. High-quality content can be an excellent way to increase your sales and get the advantage of global branding.


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