IRONSCALES unveils IronShield, an advanced cloud-based email protection module

IRONSCALES has announced the availability of IronShield, an advanced cloud-based email protection module that automatically taps into sandbox and multi AV engines to weed out messages with malicious links and attachments in real-time. Complementing IronSights, IRONSCALES’ advanced mailbox-level anomaly detection module that studies behaviors to mitigate social engineering phishing threats, IronShield will help organizations defend against zero-day malware and phishing websites, safeguarding users by continuously scanning all inbound emails.

Using a unique approach of selective scanning, orchestration and integration capabilities, IronShield utilizes multi-AV and sandbox resources for continuous email protection against advanced phishing threats that bypass secure email gateways.

“The addition of IronShield to our advanced phishing threat protection platform provides yet another layer of mailbox-level email security that works in real-time continuously,” said Eyal Benishti, IRONSCALES founder and CEO. “As phishing threats continue to evolve in sophistication and frequency, IronShield will reinforce secure email gateways and the entire IRONSCALES platform with content scanning of links and attachments for every email that hits the inbox.”

Benefits of IronShield include:

  • URL/Link Scanning – Scans and rescans emails in real-time for known and ongoing threats using malicious link databases such as Google Safe Browsing and others.
  • Attachments Scanning – All emails are scanned and rescanned automatically for malicious attachments using different multi-AV and sandbox solutions.
  • Big Data Driven – Leverages intelligence gained from other IRONSCALES modules to increase detection rates.

IronShield works independently or can complement secure email gateways (SEGs), eliminating the need to replace existing infrastructure. The module is available as a quick and easy two-click deployment for Office 365 and G Suite in the cloud, and no MX records changes are required.

The IRONSCALES advanced phishing threat prevention platform seamlessly integrates with G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. The platform was specifically built to automatically prevent, detect and respond to sophisticated spear-phishing and business email compromise attacks that can now easily evade secure email gateways and other email security tools. By providing protection at every stage of an email phishing attack, IRONSCALES’ customers reduce the time from email phishing attack discovery to enterprise-wide remediation from days, weeks or months to just seconds, with little to no security team involvement.


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