Best tips to drive a manual car

Driving a manual car is an overwhelming experience as you can manage the gears on you own and it becomes more fun especially when you have gained an expertise in driving the manual cars. Once you learn driving these cars, it is fun heading towards the snow peaked mountains or going for the weekend trips with your friends while holding the steering. You might be an expert in driving a manual car, still the beneath tips of driving a manual car will make more expert along with giving an option to have enjoyable rides with your loved ones.

(TOP: People prefer driving automatic cars, but driving manual cars has its own advantages. Image: Motoring Junction).

Though today people prefer driving the automatic cars, but driving manual cars has its own advantages as it makes you more responsible while driving the cars along with giving you the option to save some additional fuel. By following the above mentioned tips you can soon become a good driver and can enjoy all the rides. If you also love to drive back hills but don’t own a vehicle then you can get a self-driven car on rent, use Myles coupons to get the higher variant modals and drive the car as per your convenience at the most discounted rates.

Use gear level with soft hand

While changing the gear, majority of the times we apply force with great pressure which affects its performance. Try to change the gear with soft hands so that selector fork which is stationary within the manual transmission is pushed softly without any harsh force being applied on it. Also don’t use gear lever for giving rest to your hand, which otherwise can cause a premature failure of the gear box. Also while starting the car make sure that the position of your vehicle is neutral before releasing the clutch, otherwise it will jump forward hitting some other vehicle standing on the road.

Keep the gear in neutral position if waiting at signals

If the red light signal might change to green in 30 seconds and you don’t want to turn off the engine, the best thing you can do is change the gear to neutral so that you can give rest to the clutch as well as to your foot and it is advisable not to keep the clutch depressed for longer period of time. Also understand the gears location; normally all the gears are arranged in an ‘H’ shape design but the back gear normally varies. So know about the gear of your cars so that you don’t end up putting some other gear in stressful situations which can damage your car.

Use correct gear with the correct speed

Driving a manual car is different from an automatic car, where all the gear shifting decisions are done by the in-built device. While driving the manual cars, you have to manage the gear on you own as per the speed of the car; you can run your car at a second/ third gear if driving inside the city and can use the higher gear while driving on the highways. Many a times, people choose wrong gear with the speed which affects the performance of the car, for instance, a low gear at a higher speed can cause the engine to reach the red line; while if you apply high gear at a very low speed, your car will start giving jerks bringing the engine under lot of strain. So it’s better to drive with the correct gear if you want to have smoother rides and every time you are shifting the gear, remember to press the clutch.

Keep the engine into neutral position while stooping at the hills

For the beginners, the biggest nightmare is stopping the car on a hill with a fever that it will move backwards. However, stopping at the hill is not a difficult task and if you apply the parking brake, and put the engine into neutral while keeping the clutch and brake pedals depressed, your car will surely not roll back. And when it’s your to move ahead, just apply the first gear slowing releasing the clutch and moving from the brake to the pedal. Also you can remove the parking brake now and can move ahead.

Don’t forget to adjust the mirrors

The side and the rear view mirrors play a very significant role in assuring a smooth drive on the roads. Adjust the side and the rear view mirrors so that you can see what’s behind your vehicle and at how much distance. Try to maintain a safe distance from the next vehicle so that you don’t collide with the vehicle next to you. And also while changing the lane, apart from just giving the indicator; make sure that you have cross checked in the side mirror as well that no car is coming exactly behind you to avoid all accidental collisions.

Have smooth rides

Another important rule to follow while driving a manual car is to apply softer force on the clutch and on the gears. Whether you are using clutch or not, you need to keep your left foot on the clutch pedal only with right foot on the gas pedal so that you can change the gears accordingly. And leave the clutch smoothly otherwise, it you will not be able to control the speed of your car and leaving the clutch too slowly will damage it within the short period of the time only. So the basic rule is to make a balance between the clutch and your foot so that you can enjoy safer rides without hurting yourself neither your vehicles.

Say NO to all phone calls

Last but the most important one, while driving the car; leave all other task at the back seat no matter how important they are. Driving and talking over the phones simultaneously, can be dangerous which even can result in serious road accidents as well. While driving a manual car, you need to keep both your hands free, one for shifting the gear and other for holding the steering and with the cell phone in one hand you are making things more complicated for yourself and for the others who are driving ahead or behind you. And for all those phone calls that can’t be appointed, stop the car at the left side of the road to attend the calls.

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