Kenyans can now buy the latest device in the Mate series, the #HuaweiMate20Pro

Huawei has this week unveiled its most advanced smartphone and the latest in the Mate series – the #HuaweiMate20Pro – in the Kenyan market.

After being the first device vendor to launch an AI-enabled mobile phone with the entry of the Mate 10 series in 2017, Huawei has taken it further this year with the launch of the #HuaweiMate20Pro as the latest smartphone is powered by its newest chipset, the Kirin 980, another breakthrough innovation.

Compared to its predecessor, the Kirin 980 chipset delivers robust performance in the new Mate 20 device, a series that has become synonymous with performance. The 7 nanometer 1-cm2 die size processor is equipped with an all-new CPU, GPU and a 7-nanometer mobile AI chipset, thereby delivering the ultimate productivity, efficiency in entertainment applications and incredible gaming experience.

(TOP:  L-R – Nakhulo Khaimia, Huawei’s Head of Marketing Communication ; Steven Li, Head of East Africa, Mobile Division; Susan Wong from CapiatlFM; and Derrick Alenga, Training Manager, Huawei, display the #HuaweiMate20Pro during the launch).

With the capacity to deliver 75% improved performance and 58% improved power efficiency in the devices that it powers, the 7nm processor does this by packing 6.9 billion transistors – 1.6 times more than the previous generation. Running at a higher clock speed, Kirin 980 enables quicker app launch times, better multi-tasking and a generally smoother user experience. The Kirin 980’s unique configuration of cores are flexibly allocated to tasks depending on the device requirements at that point in time.

As graphics in mobile games have become more and more sophisticated in recent years, the Mali-G76 GPU that debuts in the Kirin 980 delivers 46 % greater graphics processing power at 178% improved power efficiency over the previous generation. It also features a clock boosting technology that utilizes AI to identify gaming workloads and adjust resource allocation for optimal gaming performance.

To deliver the best connectivity to phones powered by Kirin 980, Huawei integrated the world’s first modem supporting LTE Cat.21 with a peak download speed of 1.4Gbps. Additionally, with carrier aggregation across frequency bands, users will be free to choose their mobile operators and still enjoy the same premium connectivity experience, wherever they are. 

Following the entry of the Mate 10 which featured the first camera with built-in AI, the Kirin 980 promises an elevated on-device AI experience with better object recognition, real-time video processing, and precise real-time object segmentation due to the 7-nanometer mobile AI chipset that results in an image recognition capability of up to 4,500 images per minute.

The Huawei Mate 20 will be available for purchase from Kshs 75,000 while the advanced Huawei Mate 20 Pro will retail at Kshs 100,000.


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