Nokia 7.1 – Where to access and enjoy all your sporting action this year

This year, 2019, promises to be full of activity as relates to the sporting arena. There is the biennial Africa Cup of Nations, African Games, Rugby World Cup, European Games, World Police and Fire games, as well as the ongoing Asian Cup.

Thanks to technology, fans can now watch live matches from football and other sporting events at our convenience. All sports fanatics always want to be as close to the actual action as possible, but distance and overall costs involved in watching at a stadium may be very high. Thanks to live streaming available, one can now catch your match anywhere, whether you are in transit on your way home or waiting for an appointment to start.

(TOP: The Nokia 7.1).

Imagine being seated in an Uber stuck in traffic and the match you wanted to catch has started, all you have to do is pull out your phone and start watching the game live.

Smartphone technology has made it easier for sports fans, thanks to the split screen feature on all the Nokia Android smartphones. You can now message other fans and family, go through live scores, match highlights and player stats, whilst watching your favorite sport live.

Hello live games

The key is to download the sporting apps like ESPN, Team Stream and Fox Sports and you need a phone that has great storage and a fantastic screen. The Nokia 7.1 screen takes viewing experience to a whole new level with HDR enabling video that has great clarity and contrast. The phone also has an internal storage of 32GB and a microSD support of up to 400 GB meaning your apps will have enough space.

Sharing the rush

The Nokia 7.1 allows you to feel the roar of the crowd in real time and was designed with stunning content in mind through its 5.84” display and 19:9 screen ration that gives its users cinematic experiences without necessarily having a bigger phone.

Innovation in mobile devices has enabled fans to watch content with the option of watching different sports on multiple screens. Now you don’t necessarily have go to a stadium and be glued to a single match. You can split your smartphone screen live stream matches as you check on the scores of other matches and update your friends on your social sites.

Now we are all set to watch our 2019 sporting events on mobile, let’s all go ahead and try this.


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