Able2Extract Professional: The most affordable PDF signing tool 

Being able to deal with digital documents is a major aspect for anyone working via online or on a computer. In this day and age, it’s important to stay on top of tech trends and tools that can make that job easier.

Take PDF documents for instance. They’re now the main means of communicating information with professionals from all industries. They’re universal, secure and the content it contains remains intact. The only problem professionals have is being able to work with PDF content and sign PDF files easily.

Putting you in touch with quality and affordable tools is our job, and we found one which we thought fit that description perfectly. Our research uncovered one product we haven’t looked at yet: Able2Extract Professional.

Able2Extract Professional 14 is a PDF tool for converting, creating and editing PDF documents. We’ve been given the opportunity to take a look at the software for you, and there are a ton of features that come included.

You can accomplish anything from a simple conversion to a complex PDF to Excel conversion. A few of the signature features from Able2Extract Professional include:

  • Scanned and Native PDF to Word conversion
  • Custom PDF To Excel conversion
  • Secure PDF creation
  • PDF text and page editing
  • PDF form editing, creation and the ability to fill them in
  • PDF Annotation and redaction
  • Automated batch conversion of multiple PDFs

To top it off, we’re told that this tool just had a major release, and we’re excited about the new features the developers are highlighting. Today, we take a look at its new PDF signing feature and explore what it has to offer.

New major PDF features

Sign PDF documents

This is a highly sought-after feature for those who deal with sensitive business and legal content in PDFs. Everything works in a user-friendly way, made possible by the interface itself. It’s easy to navigate without having to search around for a button.

Sign PDFs electronically

Able2Extract allows you to sign PDF documents with a signature image. It all starts in the side panel and as you can see below the process takes a few clicks. You can add signature images by typing, drawing or importing them in.

Sign PDFs Digitally with a Digital Certificate

The software also allows you to add a cryptographic signature with a digital certificate stored on an external device. Just insert it and select the option to Digitally Sign the Document and you can select the certificate you want to use.

Validate PDF Signatures

As part of the PDF signatures feature, you can instantly validate and verify cryptographic signatures attached to PDF documents. You can tell by the padlock icon on the document’s tab if the signature is valid (green), valid with some issues (orange), or not valid at all (red).

In addition, you can view information about the digital certificate and the PDF signature itself in the side panel, providing you with the name of the signer and the date it was signed.


Able2Extract Professional is surprisingly more affordable than other competing PDF tools without cutting you short on features. It’s powerful enough for business users, but very simple to understand for beginners. You can even do a monthly subscription if you only need it for temporary projects. On top of that, you can get a free trial and test it out free for 7 days. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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