Gain financial literacy with these top five apps

Financial literacy is one of the most important requirements for any human who struggles to control their budget and enlarge it. Daniel Wilson from argues that finance applications provide good assistance in such tasks as personal expenses accounting, planning, and saving. In the following review, he provides a fine selection of apps which proved to be must-have.


This one is a basic budgeting tool which is designed to help you manage expenses. It unites multiple credit cards and accounts to provide you with real-time reports on the amounts of money you have in total. Connect your bills to receive timely reminders and reasonable advice. Mint is able to notice unfounded spendings and tell you to cut expenses. Just set categories and restrict them with specified rules. The app would let you feel more free of anxiety and get accustomed to expenditure borders quickly.


Venmo is the most popular millennials’ application for splitting up bills. It’s really convenient to reimburse your friends and relatives in cases you don’t have your wallet around or something. However, Venmo would not fit those people who consider that social demonstration of transactions is awkward. Many of my colleagues from replied that they felt uncomfortable about the fact that all their payments are seen by those people who are not concerned. Strange way, but progressive P2P payment features. It’s up to you to decide.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

Anyone had felt frustrated about getting off debt reimbursement or following plans. YNAB counts real income to help you restrict daily spendings to save concrete amounts of money which would be enough to pay bills in time and get out of debt to start building a capital. This app is not only about annoying notifications. It also provides a unique Q&A option with online lessons. YNAB expert instructors are there to help you understand the basics of budget-making. Each cent is worth new knowledge.

Personal Capital

Personal investment is a huge trend which brings many benefits to those who train their minds persistently. Personal Capital provides you a deep look at your portfolio. A better understanding of your investment quality supplemented by advice and future prognosis – is there anything else to avoid mistakes and maximize income? Only luck and a nose for profit work as good as logic, but they can’t be that stable.


This application is made to organize your pocket change and steer it to slow profit funds. Acorns is taught to find exchange-traded funds to invest small amounts of money daily without noticing. My test practice for shows that it’s quite possible to receive $200-$300 in a few months of such a drip investing. Profits fluctuate as you can set the level of risk. You are free to stick to conservative or aggressive portfolios and even combine them. It’s a very efficient way of retirement saving. Just count: simple saving of 20 cents a day may bring you $72 yearly. Give this pocket change to Acorns under 10% per annum and get about $8 extra. The earlier you start, the more you have in years.


There’s definitely no need to use all of these, but I’m strongly convinced that anyone should think about their future and use benefits of frequent saving and investment. Finance is a second-air basis of our life, so it’s obligatory to extend your knowledge and to improve skills. You may not notice some benefits today but remember: the road is only for those who move on.

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