How can Hackathons change your organization?

Where in the past people used to take up short time courses to develop their skills; these days’ hackathons are in the air. Have you ever visited a hackathon or heard about one? Well, if you are a manager or employer in a business; you have to make sure that you host one or boost your staff members to attend one. There is nothing that can get you more exposure in a week than a single hackathon.

Hackathons are a wonderful chance to meet people who are just as happy about programming as you are. Moreover they can lead to amazing product creations, interviews, and of course even fresh jobs! Moreover in case you flourish on creativity, relish free food, memorabilia, and cash vouchers, then hackathons are worth visiting. Moreover:you or your employees are forming a fully-functioning product that might be picked up. There are myriad of diverse reasons that people attend a Hackathon platform.

Explore the talent

If you are a business and you want to get some really trendy, skilled and abreast programmers or staff members then you can hunt for them in a hackathon. You can attend a hackathon and look around there for the perfect talent for your organization. You might come across the people who prove to be an asset for your organization.    It would require no resumes or CVs to know about the calibre of the people therein when you see them performing right there and then. You can simply be there to observe the people competing in the hackathon and if a person sounds really cool or effective to you; you can give him or her job proposal. It would be really effective and game changing. The more you explore the talent, the better you get for your business.

Moreover, since the people competing therein are solely and wholly devoted towards their tasks; you can really see the fire in them.  And don’t forget that they have no idea that they are getting examined for a job offer. Certainly, when you run a recruitment program, the people who visit there know that they have to give their best shot or they have to keep the best foot in the front to impress the employers. But that is not the scene with the people competing and participating in the hackathon.  You can see the true self of these individuals.

Soft skills and interactions

If you feel that your employees have good technical skills but they really lack the soft skills or feel really terrified when it comes to face an audience then too you can think of sending them to a hackathon. In this way you would get them a chance to spread their wings. They would participate and have to interact with the other people so as to work on a project. As mentioned earlier also participants work in a hackathon in groups and hence everyone has to interact.   Once your employees engage in the tasks or projects with strangers, it might bring openness in them.  As a result they can become little more extrovert and confident about themselves. They have to talk to the other people therein so as to convey what they are thinking about that specific project or programming problem. This can be the game changing time for them. Once they have overcome their fear of interacting and communicating; that would be really beneficial for them and your organization both.

Moreover, what to say and when to say; these two are also important things. Once your employees know what to say and when to say it; they can really grow. They can become the best versions of themselves.  No matter they win in the hackathon or not; but they will win their fears for sure.  They might have to come across instances when they have to speak up for themselves during the hackathon. Such a thing is going to do wonders for their soft skills and interaction comfort.

High confidence

Moreover, if you don’t know then it also might interest you that every team has to exhibit their solution or creation in front of the audience. If your employee comes up with a program, solution or creation; he would tell about it in front of the gathering and such a thing is going to enhance his or her confidence. Certainly, by the end of one week of event, everyone has to speak up about what they did and hence they confront the audience.

If the audience praises the work done by your employees they might end up having more confidence. Many times when outsiders pat the back; people feel really confident about themselves. They get to know what is right and what isn’t for them.  An earned confidence is really memorable and worth preserving. Once your employees get confidence from a hackathon, they might show the same in the organization too. You never know the next time there is any function and your same employees who were hesitant and fearful of stage come up and give a fantastic presentation. It is all about how you help them overcome their fears and make them a pure asset for your organization.

Rich experience

Other than all other incentives; anyone who visits a hackathon gets a lot of experience. Maybe the duration of the hackathon is only a week or less; but the experience it can get the participants is matchless. You have no clued how extensively the experience can help the participants. They can say it loud and clear that they have attended this many hackathons and won prices and get really appreciated for their tasks. It would be the experience that might change the future paths for better. After all, a platform wherein all the buzz professionals, trendy people accumulate to make something fresh or to give solution to a problem; what can be better than that?


Thus, if you have never considered hackathons in any sense; you have to think about it now. It has the potential to change the paths for both your employees and the entire organization

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