2019 VivaTech Challenge – Healthcare innovators have until February 15 to submit entries

On December 1 last year, Sanofi – in conjunction with organizers of VivaTech, an annual technology conference and expo – opened the platform for African startups and innovators developing solutions for healthcare to submit their entries for consideration.

The entry submission phase to VivaTech 2019 closes in slightly over 10 days on February 15, 2019 after which finalists and award nominees will then be announced on March 20, that’s about a month after the close of the applications deadline.

Meaning that the VivaTech 2019 panel of judges has over 30 days to sift through the entries submitted, then pick and select their exceptional projects before the winning submissions can be unveiled to the public towards the end of March.

The selected start-ups will be invited to present their innovative solutions at Afric@Tech, a Lab dedicated to the African continent within Viva Technology. Here, they will defend their projects before a jury consisting of Sanofi representatives and industry professionals, while having the opportunity to demonstrate their solutions to the public.

A jury of professionals will select the final start-ups in February. Start-ups will be evaluated according to 5 criteria: concrete evidence of positive results in at least one African country, project maturity, relevance of the solution, market potential and business model, skills, expertise and experience of the team and finally scientific evidence if applicable.

This will then lead to the VivaTech 2019 awards ceremony on May 15 – 18, 2019 in Paris, France.

And so, before the application deadline elapses, here’s how you – as an innovator or startup owner – can submit your entry to Sanofi’s 2019 VivaTech Challenge and stand a chance to showcase your innovation at VivaTech 2019.

First off, remember Sanofi has categorized the challenge into three key areas:

  1. How to enhance awareness, diagnosis and disease management of patients suffering from Diabetes
  2. How to improve the access to medicines in remote areas from supply chain management to alternative payment solutions
  3. How to support decision-makers in getting a better usage of available health data?

The three challenges aim to identify, select and support the best start-ups in their desire to invent tomorrow’s solutions in the health sector on the African continent. The challenge also aims to illustrate Sanofi’s commitment to contribute locally by supporting innovative entrepreneurs in the realization of their projects.

These challenges are part of Sanofi’s strategy to support and encourage innovation in the African continent, in order to create a health ecosystem at the patient’s service and that includes all stakeholders in the sector: public authorities, private companies, start-ups, etc.

The call for projects is free and open to all startups and innovators from Africa. Registration can be done online until February 15, 2019 as indicated earlier in the post.

During the 2018 edition of the contest, Sanofi received 190 start-up entries from which 10 of the most promising were selected to join the Sanofi stand in the Afric@Tech dedicated space at VivaTech. Your innovation (or startup) may just be what the judges are looking for this year. That’s why you need to take time and apply to VivaTech 2019.

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