Automated Bookcase: How technology can transform simple doorway into secret room

Automated Bookcase is only one of the thousands of possible convenient implementation of the linear actuator technology for improving home conditions. However, it fully represents the idea of using modern advanced technology in ordinary everyday life, in particular for housing. Automation technology is capable to transform a simple doorway in your house and a room attached to it into the secret room. Such a room, hidden behind the automated door can look absolutely like the inconspicuous bookcase. Resting against the outside wall the automated bookcase will allow its owner to find himself in the middle of a spy movie now even leaving his home at all.

This is how one can transform an everyday thing into something unusual. All that is needed is an Arduino linear actuators, motor controllers and an inexpressive bookcase looking exactly like it has to be. It must be large enough to hide the doorway and create the impression that there is no additional room or space in the house, while it actually is. Best of all is to create the bookshelf especially for the doorway you want to hide to make it fit the surroundings perfectly.

Fully automatic when working in pair with the bookcase, the open and close mechanism for hinders and slider provides a reliable motion. This mechanism makes it easy to move the secret bookcase door. However, to make the technology indistinguishable the outside open switch must be accurately hidden but at the same time must be easy-approachable by the owner of technological bookshelf secret door. Manual switches opening and closing the door must be hidden inside the secret space – also to make fully invisible for an unarmed eye. Such a technological miraculous door may be equipped with the movement scanners. Having a preset movement scanner, the owner will be able to specify the delay time for closing the secret door when no motion is detected for a specific period of time. The same movement scanner will help to avoid unnecessary or unwanted auto-closing of the bookshelf door when a person or an object remained in a place for doors closing (in other words in the hidden doorway.

To learn how to build a secret bookcase door one should use PA-14 linear actuators. One of the linear actuators purposes is to move the secret doors along the slides and other is to pivot doors around the hinges. As a matter of fact, the secret bookcase door has a reflection, thus these doors open as a pair of “batwing” doors of old American Western saloons.

To achieve the smooth opening it is extremely important to use only the suitable type of the linear actuators. 8-inch travel, for example, is pretty enough to be used for either hinged or slide movement. The 50 Ibs force version attached to the secret doors is capable to provide the smooth linear motion that would allow the bookcase to fully close and open the path through the doorway. Such an easy motion would not shake the contents of the shelves and thus would make the whole thing much comfortable and easy to install.

However, an inattentive user must be careful as there are types of linear actuators, which might not suit this specific house modeling plan. It is important to now that under the different load some of the actuators open and close at different speeds. But This can be compensated by slowing down the motors which are fortunately adjustable.

With a drop of enthusiasm and not much of hard work, it is easy to create a personal spy headquarters right in the house not even caring that somebody might be able to find you. Perfect thing when playing in Hide-and-seek with family.

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