Short of cash this Valentine’s? Worry not as you can still get the #HuaweiY7 and LipaLater

We have just come from the long Christmas holidays, which in most cases is characterized by unbridled merrymaking and spending (both time cash and time) with family and friends. Then come January and majority of people are always in the red financially, even though this is the time when many bills have to be taken care of. Many are those who heave a sigh of relief when they finally see off January.

February is the month when people begin to settle down and focus on the year ahead of them. But this does not however mean that many have now organized their finances and are now out of the financial red zone because getting through January in many cases means taking up short term loans from various lenders to take care of urgent financial commitments – like rent, fees and other household obligations.

But then come February 14 – like today – and we have Valentine’s Day celebrations, the day of romance and love, a day symbolized by the colour red.

On Valentine’s Day, the norm is to purchase and present various gifts to our loved ones. And talking of gifts to give out this Valentine’s Day, there’s the #HuaweiY7 Prime 2019 smartphone which was launched just about two weeks and which arrives at retail outlets today.

Retailing at a modest price of just Kshs 17,999 (considering the features and specs it comes packed with, some of which we highlighted in our previous post), the #HuaweiY7 Prime 2019 comes in three colour variants – that is Coral Red, Aurora Blue and Midnight Black. Remember red is the colour of Valentine’s season.

Now, I’m sure you may be willing to get the #HuaweiY7 for your loved one but you’re cash constrained. We know we’re just a month from the tough and trying January month.

And here now is where LipaLater comes in. For by registering with LipaLater and fulfilling their requirements, you can easily get the #HuaweiY7 as a gift for your loved one, then pay later flexibly through monthly installments.

Remember life has to go and Valentine’s Day gifts have to be acquired and presented to those who’re expectantly waiting for them. It doesn’t matter what you did for them over Christmas or whether you went all out to spoil them during their birthday in mid January.

That’s why we’re sure that the partnership between Huawei and LipaLater to allow customers acquire devices on loan and pay later via monthly installments will go a long way in saving relationships this Valentine’s season. Again, remember it’s better to send a late Valentine’s Day gift – even tomorrow or over the weekend after your LipaLater application goes through – instead of none at all.

Now, why not get back to the #HuaweiY7 Prime 2019 page, choose the colour you prefer then dash to LipaLater and get it then pay later, flexibly, and make this a  celebration? We hope all goes well…

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