Smart home apps you might want to know more about

If you want to live in a smart home, you obviously want to take advantage of home automation apps. There are so many that make waves right now. They are popular because of various things that can be offered. Based on what you decide to use, your entire living experience can be changed. With this in mind, check out the following really interesting smart home apps that are quite popular among smart home enthusiasts.

myQ Smart Garage

This application was created by Chamberlain, which is a garage door manufacturer, with the purpose of automating your garage. Some of its features that should be mentioned include:

  • Check smart device status inside the home and the garage. For instance, you can see if the garage door is closed or open and you can check smart thermostat temperature.
  • Receive notifications if some specific activities affect smart devices, like receiving alerts if garage doors open.
  • Control garage lights or doors from remote locations.

myQ Smart Garage can control different automatic garage door opens and can be synced to various smart home products like thermostats and smart lights from renowned brands.

Nuki Smart Lock

Nuki understands that the key/lock process needs to be simpler. This is why this smart app was created. It allows you to remotely unlock house doors, even when you do not have the key with you. The Nuki Smart Lock transforms the phone into a tool to use to get inside the home. This app is so popular that it is recommended even by Flinders Plumbing.

Use the app to automatically lock the doors in your home as you live and create access codes that others can use when you want to give access to a friend or family member. In the event that locks are opened, you get an alert and the app works wherever you are around the world.

Philips Hue

The app allows the homeowner to control all smart bulbs under the Philips Hue brand. Philips Smart Bulbs showcase an impressive 16 million colors. You can easily brighten them or dim them remotely with the app. Philips Hue is an app that allows you to:

  • Control Philips Bulbs In Your Home
  • Change Bulb Colors Based On Your Mood
  • Use Scenes To Transform Rooms

Also, lights can automatically be turned on as you get home and then be turned off as you leave. You can save on utility bills and feel cool at the same time.


Nest is reputable in the smart device industry as they create many products to automate and protect your home. The Nest app is very useful in allowing you to remotely use smart cameras, alarm systems, smoke alarms, thermostats and even doorbells. Various interesting features are included, like:

  • See who is at the door and allow access through the app.
  • Monitor the home by using security cameras.
  • Receive automatic alerts when carbon dioxide or smoke is detected.
  • Control thermostats.
  • Receive notifications if alarms go off.

The Nest app practically allow you to control all the smart devices by Nest inside your home.

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