What advanced functionalities to look for in a PDF Reader?

The image of PDF readers that we have in mind is restricted to viewing PDF documents and reading e-books only. However, there’s a lot more that a pdf reader. While they are essentially designed to open and view PDF documents, the truth is that today’s PDF readers are smart and come with some improved capabilities.

A modern PDF reader has many advanced features apart from editing, viewing and organizing a document. However, you may not be able to enjoy their premium features unless you buy a premium version. Free versions often have limited features, hence it may be a good idea to buy a paid version of a tool like SODA PDF.

Here are some advanced features that you should look for in a PDF:

  1. Picture Resize

Documents are not only comprised of text, they also contain graphics. These pictures can be the company’s logo, anything relevant to the content, or even a chart that may be of huge importance to the written text.

The content will not be of much value if you take away the picture, hence one has to be very careful when placing or reading an image. PDF reader’s picture resizing feature allows you to resize the image without losing the quality.

You can place the image in any size on the document but when you read it, the quality will be intact.

  1. File Merge

This feature offers great convenience in a number of ways. Suppose two employees have to work on the same project. This can result in a lot of trouble when it comes to joining the two files. However, the problem becomes a piece of cake thanks to the ability to merge two PDF documents in Adobe Reader and SODA PDF as well.

However, remember that PDF readers are unable to merge more than two files.

  1. Advanced Security

We already know that PDF readers let us password protect PDF files. But, what we don’t know is that they allow us to also provide limited access to users.

PDF documents can contain important information that a manager or a higher level employee might not want others to see. To achieve this, PDF readers offer access management security.

It is called managing permissions and is associated with giving permissions individually. For example, a CEO can create a confidential document and give access to the managers of the company only. This document won’t be available to view, edit, delete or modify when opened by people other than managers.

Plus, you can also decide what someone can do with a file, i.e: a person may be able to only view it but not edit it.

So, it’s quite a handy feature.

  1. Draw And Write

Whether you’re a student, an artist or an employee, taking notes is a norm. Here’s where PDF readers can be of great help. You can write on-screen or draw diagrams as you go.

This is a fast way of taking notes during a class or a company meeting.

If you are in search of an advanced PDF reader then make sure that it has these features.

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