Local SEO tips from the SEO agency founders

If you are new to the field of blogging or you are not very merged init this SEO thing can be daunting. If you are not in the business it may seem like that it is a lot of hard work and it may not give you a consistent result. But any person who has been in the business long enough knows that it is going to give them good results for that hard work. It can have a great impact on your business success.

Here are the advantages of getting ranked.

  • There are nearly 95% of people in today’s world who use internet as their source of marketing or business.
  • There are over 90% people who use internet every day.
  • Start of any search 93% of times begin with a search engine and over 80% of times that search engine is Google.
  • Out of this 90%-95% users only a few 10%-20% people go to page 2.
  • So, it’s actually necessary to make it a point that you get ranked on the pages. And that’s what SEO is going to help you with.

So if you are new in business and you want to make it to that top spot here’s Local SEO tips from the SEO agency founders 

  1. Chris Rodgers

Chris Rodgers is the SEO expert at the Colorado SEO pros.

He initiates the chat by saying;

“Local SEO management can be a a time and money consuming job. It can end up being very expensive for client. The truth is that besides citation building the traditional methods such as on-page content,  backlinks and technical crawl health have a very big impact on SEO rankings. Using tools outside the resources can minimize the cost of managing local listings.” 

  1. Chris Everett

Chris Everett is Atlanta SEO consultant.

He says that;

“There is no hard or fast rule about local landing pages. Deciding how many to add to your website’s depends on your location and targeted audience. For instance If you have a company which has worldwide locations then it actually makes sense to have landing page for each location. But if the organization is in a small area then then it’s not really smart to kill your time on landing pages.”

  1. Chris Lara

He is SEO expert at Lara Master Creations.

He advises;

“Take complete advantage of directory submission services for link building. Directory link building is a valuable factor if you want to boost the rankings of your page. But it needs to be Strategic and intentional. To build links that scale you can take online help through some websites. Outsourcing outreaching task to some online company can save you lots of time by finding the most relevent links for your website. That way you can quickly build a diverse link profile and you can focus on your SEO and other stuff.”

  1. Will Guthrie

Will is SEO expert at blue laser design. He has his own views about the SEOs;

“The domain name that you will choose will play an important role in the SEO and it will also impact your rankings. So, when you are first launching your brand make sure that your domain name is catchy. The domain name that you decide can actually have a big impact on your SEO. Google always consider Authenticity and Uniqueness. So be careful about the domain name you choose. It should be short, simple, relevant and memorable.( In short you should not need to spell it every time you tell it to someone).” 

  1. Erik Carlson

Erik Carlson is an expert at WebTechs.net. and he is really focused on quality of the content you put on your website;

“You can get high rankings from just quality content. If you want your site to rank locally you need to have good content. If you don’t know where to start just take a look at the sites which are ranking in your field. Take a look at their content and efforts and that is how you can actually get ranked on the Google. Also, create a page for each keyword or target word you are using.”

And I guess this is one of the most important tip from the Local SEO tips from the SEO agency founders. 

  1. Kyle Sanders

Expert at Complete Web Sources Kyle says that;

“Claim multiple listings on page 1 of Google by leveraging untapped authoritative directories in your industry. Find three or four well known directory websites in your field and then search for the keyword you are looking for on first four pages of Google. And see if the other websites show up in search results. If the website does not show up, list all your businesses on that site and complete all their requested fields. You have to make the content as good as possible. Include lots of photos, customer reviews and anything that will make the site look better.” 

  1. Andrew Hagni

“Optimization of your site starts at very basic with quality of your on-site content. And there is not any secret formula for getting ranked or doing good in SEO results. You have to give the best content as possible along with great design and user experience for your customers. You can start with creating a checklist for what you are doing. You can just simply start with what content you are going to put on your website, what are the very crucial points of the content, how can you make the content more attractive and many more. And that is how you can actually rank your content on Google” says Andrew who is a SEO expert at Evol Empire Creative. 


So basically what you need to build a website is an Amazing Domain Name, Very attractive as well as high quality content and very crucial amazing link building. And these were some of the Local SEO tips from the SEO agency founders.

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