Infinix, Xiaomi and Huawei most popular smartphones on Jumia, dominate sales

Online retailer Jumia has released its annual mobile whitepaper for Kenya for 2019. In the paper, the e-commerce platform notes that even though affordability of the smartphone has historically been quoted as a major challenge, Kenya has experienced a continuous decrease in average price of smartphone over the last three years.

The average price of a smartphone on Jumia in 2014 stood at US $186 (about Kshs 19,000), which reduced to US $97 (about Kshs 10,000) in 2016 and before dropping further to US $86 (Kshs 8,600) in 2018.

“The rise of affordable entry-level devices from brands continues to remain a key driver of smartphone adoption… The smartphone industry has remained a truly competitive landscape throughout the years, with Chinese brands dominating both Kenyan and African markets,” states the report.

Among the top mobile brands on Jumia in 2018, Infinix dominated the sales (for the past three years) while Xiaomi and Huawei were seen as strong new entrants, gaining 5% and 9% market share on the platform respectively in 2018.

“Despite the price of smartphones falling, smartphone users ,continue to focus on specifications along with brand perception and quality. This has resulted in brands offering higher specifications at lower pricing by investing in higher storage, larger screen size, better camera resolution and 4G network connectivity on their devices. Thus, creating value for Kenyan consumers,” notes the report.


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