Ujuzy, a hub for reliable service providers, launches in Nairobi

Ujuzy, a web and mobile app platform that bridges the gap between service providers and homeowners (and companies), has launched in Nairobi.

More than 2,000 professionals in plumbing, hairdressing, carpentry, building, construction, tailoring, satellite installation/servicing, tiling, painting, and electricians are among those who have already listed their services with Ujuzy.

Users can now connect with a service provider to render any kind of service in most Nairobi City estates at the tap of a button.

“We are taking away the burden of searching for experienced and reliable professional service providers in a hassle-free model to deliver critical services to companies and homes,” said Kimani Gitau, the Ujuzy MD.

The user-friendly platform boasts of peer rated professionals with a passion for their craft to deliver quality services at affordable prices. On Ujuzy, providers can offer their services, as individual experts or as a company and target their ideal client. The system uses a peer-rating system that enables clients to give feedback on services rendered and therefore rank service providers based on the quality of work. The rating systems controls the level of exposure for providers and their services on the Ujuzy website and mobile App.

“If you impress your customers, we guarantee you more exposure in the market. Positive ratings will mean that you are ranked higher and able to get more business. This is how we are building this rich pool of reliable professionals,” said the Gitau.

Over the next 12 months, Ujuzy seeks to broaden its reach to include professionals in cities and towns including Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Eldoret. To register or request a service, users can download the Ujuzy app in the Google App Store. Starting in the second quarter, Ujuzy will also be available in the Apple App store.

Alternatively, users may access Ujuzy from their desktop/laptop on the web. The system is very user friendly: within a few minutes you can request a professional service from the comfort of your home, track the status of bookings you have made and once the service is completed you have the opportunity to rate the service provider. Professionals and companies can create their profile, get verification and confirmation notices, track and manage feedback as well as get access to data that will enhance how they best deliver services now and in future.

Ujuzy is a platform that connects households and companies nationwide to find top rated, quality assured local service providers. The platform helps individuals and businesses to find experts they want and services they need. Convenience and quality work is the name of our game. We acknowledge the hustle and sometimes hassle of finding trustworthy contractors/professionals to address household and company needs with satisfaction and have built Ujuzy to simplify that process, give you peace of mind and time back in your day. The platform leverages strategic partnerships to build a robust data bank of peer-rated professionals which households and firms can refer to when sourcing for various services. Overall, helped skilled traders increase their business exposure in the market place.

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