After successfully building Spielworks, Dorothy Ghettuba now gets new role Netflix

After her own production house, Spielworks Media, successfully developed and released 18 TV shows, 41 movies, and numerous web shows broadcast in over 40 African countries, one of Kenya’s most talented and popular film makers and TV producers, Dorothy Ghettuba-Pala, has now been appointed to a new role by global VoD service provider Netflix.

Ghettuba, who founded Spielworks Media in 2009 after returning to Kenya from Canada and failing to get roles in TV productions, has been appointed as the Manager for International Originals at Netflix.

(TOP: Dorothy Ghettuba talks about her project of ‘Creating One Million Creative Jobs in Africa’ at a TEDx session in Nairobi. Photo: YouTube).

Last year, Netflix announce that from 2019, it would commission original shows from Africa.

Netflix Original productions are shows which Netflix has commissioned and produced, has exclusive international streaming rights to, or those shows which Netflix has co-produced with another Network. A Netflix Original can also be a continuation of a previously canceled show.

According to an article, a show is also defined as a “Netflix Original” if one can only watch it on Netflix from their respective country.

“A true “Netflix Original” is any show that was commissioned and produced by Netflix. By this, we mean the show or film has not been made to appear on any network other than Netflix. (Some films have debuted at festivals and purchased prior to Netflix release.)…An “internationally exclusive Original” is defined by whether or not the particular show or film is available outside of Netflix. Additionally, Netflix would have not been the network that commisioned the show,” states the article.

Looking at the local shows she’s worked on with her team at Spielworks Media, including Lies That Bind, Higher Learning, Saints, BLOCK-D, Know Your Constitution and Manzi wa Nairobi among others (most of which now make up part of Multichoice’s ‘Africa Magic’ offering), Ghettuba must be aware of the responsibility (and equal to the task) that comes with her new role at Netflix.

Dorothy Ghettuba‘s LinkedIn profile highlights her various milestones over the years, stating that: “Dorothy is a Creative Crusader. She has Executive Produced 18 Television Shows, 41 Movies and 15 Web shows totalling to over 1000 episodes of programming. She is a Graduate of the Bucerius School on Global Governance and Stanford Business School SEED Program for Developing Economies. Dorothy is a 2016 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Fellow and has twice been recognised as Kenya’s Top 40 Women Under 40 and Africa’s Top 50 Women in Film. Dorothy is dedicated to telling the African Story.”

And looking at her track record and accomplishments over the last 10 years she’s worked in film and TV production, one can only conclude that Netflix picked and settled on the right candidate for the job at hand.


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