Haki Taxi launches services in Kenya, to offer rides at Kshs 16 per kilometre

Haki Taxi has been launched at Tana Offices, Karen, targeting Kenyans seeking affordable commute within Nairobi and its outskirts. The app has been launched as a platform to offer value for money and competitive transport and delivery services to a cross section of Kenyans.

Following market research, e-taxi drivers in Kenya feel the commissions they receive to hail taxis in the market are low, making it impossible to sustain their lives from the digital taxi business. The problems in the e-taxi business are characterized by high commissions paid by cab drivers and owners to the taxi hailing firms, as well as unfair pricing due to competition between e-taxi companies as they compete for a larger market share.

Against this background, Haki Taxi has been established to address the needs of the consumer on one hand and the driver on the other hand. For consumers, it will cost you Kshs 16 to move for a kilometre. Also, drivers are bound to take a larger amount home since Haki Taxi only takes 10 pr cent of the earnings made, which is relatively the lowest in the industry. Haki Taxi also provides Bodaboda services at a cost of Kshs 23 per kilometre.

Speaking during the launch, the Executive Director, Caleb Kapten said that besides Haki Taxi offering competitive value for money, it also seeks to give Kenyans employment opportunities far beyond what they have now.

Besides taxi services, Haki Taxi has filled the gap of small safe deliveries which many people seem to experience. Some deliveries, which in most cases are urgent, can be difficult to go about, putting into consideration safety and speed. Given the amount of traffic in Nairobi town, most people, especially in business find themselves unable to make deliveries due to lack of means. Haki Taxi offers parcel delivery services through a team of foot couriers that deliver parcels and even food to offices.

Haki Taxi app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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