Plutos Ventures to fund African startups through new deal with Ampion

Africa-focused Ampion and Berlin, Germany-based Plutos Ventures have announced the founding of Ampion Ventures, with the goal to build scalable digital business models in selected African countries by providing seed capital and strategic expertise support. Plutos Ventures will provide Ampion Ventures with its first seed financing.

Ampion Ventures is led by Fabian-Carlos Guhl, founder of the non-profit organization Guhl has been working for years on the African continent with founders and early-stage start-ups. Through his very successful start-up bus, with which he has travelled through more than 16 African countries and coached and supported founders in the development of digital business models, Guhl has been able to build up a large network of founders and start-ups in different African countries. Together with Plutos, Ampion is now taking the next logical step to build digital business models in Africa.

“With Ampion, it was our mission from the very beginning to initiate technological development in the African continent and thus contribute to the well-being of the African people and the continent’s economic development. Now is the right time to further develop our model and scale selected business models. With Plutos Ventures, we are pleased to have an experienced investor on board who will support us strategically in addition to providing capital,” said Fabian-Carlos Guhl, the MD of Ampion Ventures.

“With Ampion, and the start-up bus, Fabian and his team have demonstrated how strong their network is on the African continent and how immensely the will to found start-ups is there. Now, it is a matter of establishing true digital business models to support the development of the African economy,” commented Oliver Riebartsch, the MD at Plutos Ventures.

Over the past six years, Ampion has supported over 80 start-ups in 16 African countries with the help of partners such as MTN, SAP, Merk, Microsoft and international development cooperation institutions. One of the many success stories, for example, is the Nigerian fintech start-up, Accounteer, a smart cloud accounting platform that is now one of the leading accounting software systems in Nigeria and recently secured investment from Meltwater, a US investor.

The founder of Accounteer is Golden Emmanuel, an Ampion Alumnus who has turned his vision into reality and now leads one of Nigeria’s most successful tech start-ups.

When it comes to establishing new tech start-ups in Africa, Ampion Ventures is increasingly focusing on start-ups in the agri-, energy- and fintech sectors. In addition to providing start-up capital, the team offers local start-ups with operational and strategic support, a strong network, and international corporate partnership opportunities. Interested founders and start-ups from around the world with an African focus can now apply to Ampion Ventures for collaboration.

Plutos Ventures invests capital and expertise in young, innovative companies, with a particular focus on PropTech start-ups. In addition to providing industry- leading insight into the market-defining trends in the real estate and digital industries, Plutos Ventures has a pioneering spirit and is prepared to seize opportunities and ready to take action. Plutos Ventures invests only in ideas that it believes in and supports them not only financially, but also with personal commitment, networking and know-how.

Ampion Ventures is an innovative company that specializes in Africa focused start-ups. Ampion Ventures supports scalable business models in the digital economy, with capital and operational support, through their experienced operations partners and corporate partnerships. Ampion Ventures is always looking for founders, entrepreneurs and business models in the African tech market.

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