Why PR agencies should record business video calls

There is no way to deny the fact that technology advanced a lot in the past few years and it affects practically every industry, including PR. Meetings are now held online, through video calls. This brings forth brand new challenges and opportunities.

Every single PR agency that uses video call technology has the possibility of recording conversations and meetings with the use of simple to use software like Movavi Screen Recorder. You can see how this is done here. However, few agencies actually record business video calls. Here is why you should not make this mistake.

Easier Project Management

Business video calls can quickly get out of hand. People can mention ideas faster than you can write them down. Also, it is really easy to miss out on something that is very important during conversations. By having a video call of the meeting, you have all that was said. The video can be re-watched whenever you want to and this can make project management much simpler.

Video Proof

This is not something that is often considered but there is no better proof than video. When the business video call is recorded, you have proof of decisions, negotiations and many other things. This is particularly important when you have a meeting with a client or a business partner. You cannot take back what is said in a video.

Potential Training Material

In a PR agency, people come and go. There is always someone that needs to be trained. Using videos for training purposes is quickly becoming more popular in business as a whole. The recordings of the video calls you have with practically anyone can eventually be turned into examples that will help you train new employees. This increases overall business efficiency.

Final Thoughts

While many think that recording video calls is something that should not be done, the truth is that it can be really useful. The 3 reasons mentioned above are appropriate for PR agencies but there are so many others that could be mentioned. Just make sure that everything is legal. Do not record business video calls with the participants allowing it.

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