SEACOM to provide direct connectivity for Kenyan businesses via Microsoft data centres in South Africa

SEACOM has announced that it will now offer direct connections from its East African network directly to public cloud networks and datacenters located South Africa. This follows the launch of Microsoft’s new enterprise-grade datacenters in South Africa based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

SEACOM’s offering, available to business customers, will deliver direct, high-speed, dedicated and secure connectivity to the Microsoft datacenters via resilient network connections from Kenya to South Africa.

(TOP: Tonny Tugee, SEACOM MD for ENEA region – left – and Byron Clatterbuck, the SEACOM CEO).

Commenting on this offering, SEACOM MD Tonny Tugee said: “The SEACOM subsea cable, which connects Kenya to South Africa, offers a fibre express route that carries Terabytes of capacity with speeds offered to business customers from as low as 50 Mbps up to 10 Gbps. In addition to this, SEACOM’s recent acquisition of Fiberco’s network allows it to extend this capability across South Africa and into the major datacenters where the cloud providers, such as Microsoft, have a presence.”

Ten years ago, Pan-African internet provider SEACOM brought Africa its first highspeed internet connectivity directly to Africa, opening the continent to the technological advancements enjoyed today. In 2016, SEACOM scaled up its commitment to Africa, and now directly offers business customers solutions with high-speed, reliable internet connectivity and cloud solutions.

Through years of experience with global cloud providers as Microsoft, SEACOM has been able to provide solutions to businesses considering cloud solutions. One such example is the launch of the Azure ExpressRoute offering, together with Microsoft, that allows SEACOM customers to extend their on-premises networks into the cloud without going over the public internet, which until now has only been limited to datacenters which sit outside of the African continent.

Microsoft’s recent launch of data centers in South Africa aims to accelerate the move of African businesses to the cloud and marks the first time businesses have access to datacenters, which sit on African soil.

“The opportunity for Kenya Customers and Microsoft Partners to leverage SEACOM’s ExpressRoute to connect directly and reliably to Microsoft datacenters will enable more Kenyan businesses to embrace the cloud and enhance digitisation. We are excited about this journey that will enable all our Customers in the continent by  offering them cloud solutions and availing a trusted path to digital transformation,” concluded Microsoft Country Manager Sebuh Haileleul.

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