Sendy targets Nairobi-based SMEs with Kshs 250 same day delivery package

Sendy is targeting small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Nairobi with its new same-day delivery option, ‘Sendy Standard’. Customers will now pay a fixed price of Kshs 250 to do deliveries anywhere within Nairobi reducing costs by up to 80%. Delivery time for this option will take 2-4 hours.This is in line with Sendy’s goal to help businesses grow by making deliveries more affordable to its customers.

This new option will automatically combine a maximum of three packages on a single route from different customers reducing the costs but still delivering higher earnings to the Driver.

Speaking during the launch of the new delivery option, Sendy’s Founder and CEO, Meshack Alloys, said that the new Standard option is targeting businesses doing multiple deliveries a day and at the same time, are looking at bringing down their logistics costs.

“We believe that the economy is better when logistics is efficient and affordable. This gives small businesses room to grow. No small business should be left out because the cost of logistics is too high. Sendy has made logistics accessible over the last 3 years. We are doing more to make logistics affordable for small businesses. With the new Standard option, businesses will do deliveries to their customers at a fixed price of Kshs 250 anywhere in Nairobi. ” said Alloys Meshack, Sendy’s MD.

Initially, Sendy charged a minimum of Kshs 250 as a base fee and an additional cost of Kshs 30 for an additional kilometer. By combining deliveries, this has enabled Sendy to bring down the costs.

“Automatically combining deliveries enhances efficiency of service. The longer delivery times will allow us to combine deliveries thus reducing costs but still delivering higher earnings for our drivers. We imagine a world where our drivers can complete 20 or more deliveries on a single route from different customers,” Alloys added.

For businesses and individuals who need to do immediate deliveries, Sendy has a different option, Sendy Express where delivery is done immediately at a premium price. Some of the e-commerce and SME clients  currently using Sendy include Masoko, Purpink, Skygarden among others. Sendy hopes to bring more businesses on board with these tailor made options for businesses. The logistics company has a pool of over 5,000 businesses and looks to double this through various initiatives.

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