Trinity opens data centre, to launch m-Gurush mobile money platform in South Sudan

Trinity Technology has announced the launch of its modern Data Centre located at its new offices at the Hi-Tech Trinity Technologies Centre in Juba, South Sudan. The Centre is also home to South Sudan’s first mobile money service, m-GURUSH.

The Trinity Technologies Centre was opened by the Undersecretary, Ministry of Information Broadcasting and Postal Services, Justin Alier  followed by the commissioning of the Trinity Data Centre by the Director General, National Communications Authority, Dr Lado Wani Kenyi.

The Trinity Data Centre is a Tier II co-location data center with a roadmap towards achieving Tier Three data center certification approvals by the fourth quarter 2019. It is developed with the highest standards in order to assure the integrity and functionality of its mission-critical servers and co-location environment. Its services include the new mobile money platform m-GURUSH, National Payment Systems, agency and mobile banking, ERP services as well as  other digital and payment solutions.

The new Data Center boasts best in class infrastructure, design and security, marking a significant milestone for Trinity Technologies as a local company with the technology to host critical IT solutions in South Sudan instead of the current practice of hosting data in foreign countries. The Trinity Data Centre guarantees 99.671% service availability. It hosts mission-critical servers thus ensuring the safety of business regardless of any downtime. The datacenter security is enhanced with biometric access controls, three layers of firewall solution with Crypto Key Management System. This offers a secure environment which minimizes the chances of any security breach.

Dr Lado Wani Kenyi expressed his delight at the prospect of the Data Centre, observing that: “The launch of the next generation Data Center will enable South Sudan to establish self-sufficiency in cutting edge technology built to ISO Specification hardware, software and cyber security features including firewalls and physical security. “

He congratulated Trinity Technologies and explained that the soon to be launched m-GURUSH will be a milestone towards financial inclusion for the people of South Sudan.

The Trinity Data Centre will also offer co-location services to businesses, government and non-governmental organizations to rent space for servers and other computing hardware. It will provide the servers’ virtualization and storage hosting, cooling, power, bandwidth, physical and data security and therefore offering the convenience for businesses to concentrate on their day to day core business. Housing servers in a colocation facility, will significantly lower the costs of both construction and ongoing operation and maintenance. Colocation will also give organization control over their systems since they can physically access servers at The Trinity Datacenter as needed.

Chan Anderea, the deputy director, financial markets, who represented the Governor of the Central Bank of South Sudan Dr Dier Tong Ngor, congratulated Trinity Technologies during the commissioning of the Data Centre, noting that the Trinity Data Centre was the very first of its kind in the Republic of South Sudan and would immensely contribute towards capacity building in cutting edge technology for the country, offering services to securely host Meta Data for Government Organizations, Private Banking Institutions, Insurance Companies, Universities and Research Institutions. He added that the Central Bank of South Sudan was developing a National Payment System.

The Director of Trinity Technologies Richard Raja reassured prospective customers of the robust technology and the full fault tolerance capacity deployed at the Centre to safeguard downtimes and ensure business continuity. He also noted that the company’s state-of-the-art Data Centre is managed by a team of well-trained local South Sudanese professionals in line with the company’s vision of developing local human capital. He observed that “Trinity Technologies will continue to benchmark against the industry best practices, invest in research and product development to ensure best-in-class innovative new products delivery to the people of South Sudan.

Raja also announced that the company’s mobile money service m-GURUSH will be launched soon.

The undersecretary, Ministry of Information Broadcasting and Postal Services, Justin Alier lauded the initiative by Trinity Technologies, stating: “The launch of this World Class Data Centre is testament to the immense confidence exhibited by the business community in the country, taking advantage of the stability of the economy and its prospects to deploy cutting edge technological solutions in the development of the country.”

Trinity Technologies and South Sudan is now in a position to host Core Banking Solutions (CBS), for the 30 odd banks operating in the country which will now save millions of dollars they would have invested in establishing their own data centers. The Data Center will also enable the banks to launch payment solutions for them to integrate and become part of the East African Payment eco-system.

Dr Addis Ababa Othow, the MD, Equity Bank South Sudan, congratulated Trinity Technologies noting that the soon to be launched m-GURUSH would be providing a service that is aligned to the mission of Equity Bank which is providing financial inclusive services that transform lives and livelihoods.

The Indian Ambassador to South Sudan, D.K Moorlthy also congratulated Trinity Technologies while noting that the Indian government has been partnering with the government of South Sudan in training professionals in various technology aspects.

Trinity Technologies specializes in the design and development of financial services, online transactions, mobile payment systems and channel transaction processing platforms that deliver secure services in South Sudan using mobile, internet-driven technologies, cards, ATM/PoS and other value-added services.


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