Despite calls for tighter regulation, betting apps top Google search trends for May

Google Search trends indicate that betting still remains a craze in Kenyan even with the increasing calls for tighter regulation of the  gaming and betting industry by introducing tough tax measures and regulating the industry through The Gaming Bill, hence dissuading Kenyans from betting. Sportpesa, Betpawa, Livescore, Forebet, Betika, Betin apps and betting closed were the search queries that took top position in May.

With the deadline for filing 2018 taxes fast approaching, the second top query by Kenyans this month was the iTax portal, whereas the Huduma Namba Deadline was the third top searched in May, following the extension of the mass registration exercise from the May 18 to 25, 2019 granted by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

American fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones was the fourth top query on the My Top Searches, with the final episode of season 8 aired on May 19th. At number five was Mother’s Day, commemorated on Sunday 12th May. Millions of Kenyans were looking up different special ways to honor and celebrate the women and mothers in their lives.

DJ Afro movies took position six, despite the ban imposed on his movies, signifying the increasing appetite for local content online. Brighter Monday, was seventh on the list, a reflection  of demand for jobs to meet the high unemployment rates in the country. At the eighth position was Gold Scam Kenya,  following media reports alleging involvement that several Kenyan politicians had conned the Dubai Royal Family in fake gold dealings.  Following the restriction announcement by the US Government, Huawei took position nine as Kenyans using the smartphone make searched how they would be affected. South Africa Elections was the tenth top searched topic, with Kenyans closely monitoring the outcome, the exercise that saw President Cyril Ramaphosa re-elected.

In the top “May Personality Searches’’ the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was the most searched personality, following the birth to her first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor who is seventh in the line of succession to the British throne. The second most searched personality this month was the late Binyavanga Wainaina, Kenyan author, journalist and 2002 winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing who succumbed to cancer on 21 May at a Nairobi Hospital. Tanzanian billionaire businessman, author, and philanthropist Reginald Mengi was third was the third most searched under personalities, following his demise on May 2, 2019.

Fourth most searched personality this month was veteran Congolese musician Mose Fan Fan, widely known for the song Papa Lolo, who passed away on the 3rd of May.  The fifth most searched personality was President Uhuru Kenyatta, who after his absence from the public eye in early May,  caused concern amongst Kenyans triggering the twitter hashtag #FindPresidentUhuru. Followed by Diamond Platinumz, after his ex-wife denied him permission to see his children following a recent public spat. The seventh most searched personality was Kenyan gospel singer, Willy Paul, who was voted as the second most popular artiste in Tanzania after bongo star Diamond.

Rose Muhando, was the eighth most searched personality after she engaged in an online spat with other artistes following the release of a new song, soon after being discharged from hospital. Following as the ninth most searched personality was well known 19 year old Nigerian actress Regina Daniels after her marriage to 59-year old billionaire, Ned Nwoko. Local narrator/translator of foreign movies DJ Afro, was the tenth most searched personality.

In the ‘How to’ category, the most trending search was how to make money online – followed by how to write a CV and how to write an application letter, queries that show Kenyans are interested in improving their employment and financial abilities. Kenyans also searched how to file nil returns; how to create a website; how to download videos from YouTube showing that Kenyans are probably not aware that they can download videos offline using the button on YouTube; how to cook pilau – pilau continues to be the most searched dish when it comes to recipes

Top May General Searches

  1. Betting & Betting Apps: Sportpesa, Betpawa, livescore, forebet, betika, betin

  2. iTax

  3. Huduma Number Deadline

  4. Game of Thrones

  5. Mothers Day

  6. DJ Afro Movies

  7. Brighter Monday

  8. Gold Scam Kenyan

  9. Huawei

  10. South Africa Elections

Top May Personality Searches

  1. Meghan Markle

  2. Binyavanga Wainaina

  3. Reginald Mengi

  4. Mose Fan Fan

  5. Uhuru Kenyatta

  6. Diamond Platinumz

  7. WIlly Paul

  8. Rose Muhando

  9. Regina Daniels

  10. DJ Afro

Top “How to” Searches

  1. How to make money online

  2. How to write a CV

  3. How to write an application letter

  4. How to file KRA returns

  5. How to cook pilau

  6. How to download videos from YouTube

  7. How to file nil returns

  8. How to pay NHIF

  9. How to create a website

  10. How to bake a cake

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