After Uber and Little, Bolt now unveils business package for corporates

Following on the footsteps of its rivals Uber and Little, ride hailing service Bolt, formerly Taxify, has now launched its business package for corporates, Bolt for Business, a service which enables companies to manage and pay for all corporate trips from one central location.

With Bolt for Business, client companies create a company account on the Bolt platform and allocate individual monthly budgets to staff. The firm’s employees can then connect their personal accounts to their business account and request official rides with it.

This therefore means that instead of them paying as individuals and reporting the expenses individually later on, the Bolt Business account takes care of the payments and stores the necessary information in one place automatically. It becomes a hub-like platform, keeping track of the routes and expenses of all the employees.

Olaoluwa Akinussi, Country Manager, Bolt Kenya: “A growing number of Bolt trips are taken for business purposes, whether it’s commuting to work, rushing to client meetings or getting to the airport. Most companies still require invoices from their employees to be able to reimburse for the cost of the trip. Through this, Bolt aims to speed up and streamline the payment process for corporate employees, making it the preferred ride-hailing application for corporates.

Bolt for Business helps companies save time and money on individual expense reporting and the related paperwork. Instead of having employees collect and report individual invoices for trips taken via a ride-hailing service, Bolt for Business customers will have all the information about their employees’ corporate Bolt trips stored in a single location without any extra effort. Paying for the trips is also a lot easier – instead of reimbursing each individual employee, you pay once a month via a corporate bank card or a bank transfer.”

On the new Bolt for Business portal, account managers can set up company-wide rules and control when and who can use business trips, making it simple to budget for and get a clear overview of the company’s transportation expenses. The platform enables the corporate to set and customise the spending allowances and the number of trips employees can take. It is also possible to require employees to report the purpose of the trip before the ride. The platform can be used on both desktop and mobile.

Additional functionalities such as adding restrictions to specific time and location for taking trips and a prepaid payment method will be added to Bolt for Business later this year.

Bolt for Business is available in more than 25 markets across Europe and Africa.

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