CIC Insurance clients to use Little Cab when their cars are involved in an accident

CIC Insurance has partnered with Little Cab to launch a product that will offer free rides to clients while their vehicles are undergoing repair following an accident. The product – an extension of the existing alternative car service that offers policy holders a car to use once a claim has been lodged – will give customers enjoying the courtesy car benefit the opportunity to opt for the new service, given its multiple benefits. The service will be available to customers in major towns across the country.

CIC General Insurance MD Elijah Wachira says that while the conventional courtesy car service is offered for a maximum period of 10 days, the new product’s cost is flexible, with a provision for a longer period.

“This product offers the benefits of convenience and flexibility and saves on cost, as you do not have to fuel the car or pay parking fee. Besides, the client is chauffeured in well maintained cars. Above all, the extended service comes with an element of security since both the client and the vehicle can be monitored on real time basis”, said Wachira.

Customers already on the courtesy car service but who wish to have this benefit instead will call 0703 099 120. The process of benefiting is easy and straightforward. An assigned team will reach out to qualifying customers lodging a claim and guide them on how to add the benefit.

Little Cab GM Alex Mwaura said 700 companies have so far subscribed to the taxi hailing app’s services and more are expected to sign up.

“We are very excited to partner with CIC to offer this unique service as we strive to excel in mobility innovation”, said Mwaura.

The launch is part of CIC’s strategy on customer focus through measures such as technological innovations. According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) Q1 2019 industry statistics, CIC commands a market share of 7.1 per cent and is a market leader in motor insurance.

CIC has made tremendous efforts to modernize its operations. In addition to M-Bima, a mobile platform driving the penetration of micro insurance products, and the introduction of mobile based products such as Bima Credo, the company has modernized its core ICT systems to enhance compatibility with mobile apps and self-service portals for its clients and intermediaries.


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