Uber partners with e-learning start-up, Zydii, to train driver partners on latest skills

Uber in partnership with e-learning start-up, Zydii, recently hosted an appreciation event for driver-partners who completed the most courses on the Zydii platform.

“At Uber, we have a global vision of empowering and upskilling driver-partners; and we continually look at ways to grow their small businesses” says Brian Njao, Uber’s Country Manager for Kenya. “As part of our efforts to provide growth opportunities for driver-partners, we decided to pilot a new learning programme with Zydii to give drivers access to courses and content that they were interested in.  In addition to that, we are excited to collaborate with local Kenyan start-ups, as a way of supporting the tech and business ecosystem in Nairobi and all of Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole.”

Speaking on the modalities of the initiative, Cezanne Maherali, Uber’s Head of Policy in East Africa said: “It made sense for us to collaborate with a platform that provides driver-partners with learning opportunities, skills that ultimately improve their ability to earn and a way for them to develop and grow their personal interests.” Continuing further she said: “When we started the programme, Zydii surveyed drivers to understand the areas that they were most interested in learning more about, and then went on to develop custom made, online courses for them. The courses include: basics of first aid, money management, improving driver rating, equipping uberASSIST drivers with skills to better help senior riders and those with special needs, and others. To date, we have 4,882 drivers registered, 2,975 enrolled in courses, 1,375 actively learning and 1,461 courses completed.”

Commenting on the partnership with Uber, Joyce Mbaya-Ikiao, founder and CEO of Zydii said: “The success of our partnership initiative with UBER has proven the important gap that our platform is able to address by providing digital personal development content that is relatable to Kenyans. Many of us are capable of achieving our goals if we are empowered with the right knowledge and Zydii is excited to leverage the power of technology to help Africans improve their lives with online courses”

Njao concludes: “We are proud to partner with an organisation who values our driver-partners as much as we do. The online courses were designed to give driver-partners access to knowledge and information that was previously not available and we believe our partnership with Zydii will continue to add value to the lives of our driver-partners.”

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