In addition to mobile app, riders can now order Uber via toll free calls

Uber has announced the launch of a phone call option that allows customers to order uberCHAPCHAP and uberX in Nairobi by calling the toll free number 0800 722 000 from their mobile phone. The new option is meant to assist people who don’t have a smartphone or an internet connection and make it easier for them to request an Uber ride without having to use the app via a simple phone call.

In addition to booking a ride, the toll free number also allows riders to cancel a trip as well as give them access to the 24/7 customer support feature.

Brian Njao, Country Manager for Uber Kenya says: “Not having a smartphone or an internet connection should not deny people access to reliable and affordable transportation. We believe that with this option, we can make our technology available and easy to use for more people in Kenya than ever before while providing more earning opportunities for driver-partners.”

How it works:

  • Call 0800 722 000 from your mobile phone – a support agent will answer shortly to help riders request a ride, regardless of whether they have an Uber account or not. If they don’t have one, the agent will create it over the phone for them.
  • Share your location and destination – the agent will ask about the riders pick-up location and destination addresses and will generate the fare estimate.
  • Confirm fare: after the fare confirmation, the agent will order a ride on the Uber platform, on the riders behalf. The agent will connect the request with the nearest available driver.
  • Access your trip data via SMS: riders will then soon receive an SMS with all details about the ride (confirmation of trip,  estimated arrival time, car details such as license plate, make and colour, the name of the driver and contact number,) and also a link where you can follow the car route. It is vital that riders check these details provided before getting in the vehicle. If riders have the Uber app installed, the trip will also be visible in the application. Riders who do not have a smartphone or the Uber app can also call 0800 722 000 after which an agent will update them on the arrival time of their driver.
  • Pay in Cash: once they reach their destination, payment is done in cash only.

“We’re also pleased to announce that even when requesting an Uber ride without a smartphone, whether it be via our website or dialing 0800 722 000 from a mobile phone, riders are covered from the moment their driver accepts their request for a trip, through to when the trip ends thanks to our partnership with UAP-Old Mutual,” explains Njao.

Earlier this year, Uber launched Uber Lite, a simpler version of the Uber app which works on any android phone while saving storage space and data. Uber continues to provide choice and mobility options to communities, whether that’s the Uber community of riders and drivers or their families, friends and fellow city dwellers.

Apart from Nairobi, Uber is currently available in fourteen cities in Sub-Saharan Africa – Cape Town, Durban, Joburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, Nairobi, Mombasa, Lagos, Abuja, Benin City, Kampala, Accra, Kumasi and Dar es Salaam. Overall, the Uber network is available in over 600 cities in over 65 countries.

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