Why you should learn Cloud Computing: Applications

For a while, we’ve seen the cloud computing industry generate so much interest, and of course, with such intensity of interest comes investments. Cloud computing has grown from what we used to know into an indispensable part of the IT world. Research results even made available by industry analysts show that the cloud computing industry has continued to grow very quickly over the last few years. All these things happening in the industry are obvious pointers that anybody can step into it and with firm determination earn maximum rewards from it.

Still not convinced about why you should learn cloud computing and its application, here are a few reasons that could change your mind:

  1. The increasing demand for Cloud Computing experts is not predicted to stop anytime soon

Yes, if you are looking for a field with high demand for professionals, this is the place. Organizations are presently on the lookout for cloud computing experts that have gained sufficient certifications in the area. They want people with the right level of expertise to help them seamlessly implement the perfect cloud environment into their infrastructure. So hey! If you are an expert in this field, you just might be the most wanted person on the career scene. We embarked on a study recently and found that there are presently over 30,000 positions related to AWS in the United States alone. Indeed, having a comprehensive cloud computing training and certification like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Training is a great advantage. To prepare for the certification you can choose from the courses available on Udemy , there are a lot of them from some very experienced trainers. Ensure you choose a course that comes with the lab sessions, very few have them.  With it, you can be guaranteed of covering all the latest trends, best practices, as well as key concepts.

  1. Improves your earning potential

Apart from setting you out in the ICT industry, having a professional certification in cloud computing, can also get you to a level where your earning potential will increase beyond your expectations. For example, Simplyhired recently reported that on average, a cloud administrator earns up to $78,000, while cloud developers earn up to $118,758 on average every year. Cloud architects, on the other hand, are the biggest earners in the industry, with their median earnings pegged at an average of $124,406 per annum. So, if you are looking to improve your earning potentials, then training yourself in cloud computing would undoubtedly be a step in the right direction.

  1. Increased chances of getting shortlisted for an interview

As a young professional, that’s looking to penetrate the cloud industry, picking a professional course in cloud computing would do you a lot of good. For instance, by merely including a certification or two in your resume, PR teams will quickly notice you, and guess what? They will prioritize you when they begin to invite people for interview. It also becomes easier for you to prove to them that you are the right fit for the job.

  1. Secure jobs

This is one point that we can never overemphasize. By gaining the latest skills in the industry, you are setting yourself apart to land mouthwatering jobs that are not influenced by the volatility of the market in any way.

We could keep going on with several reasons why you should pursue professional certifications in this field, but unless you are ready and determined, you may never make any attempt. It all lies in your drive to succeed and your ability to motivate yourself towards success in this field. Be assured, however, that there are tons of benefits attached to it. And as long as you are willing to put your head to the game, you will gain a lot.


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