Africa has 15.5% Truecaller users as firm marks 500 million downloads

Truecaller has announced that the company has crossed 500 million downloads and surpassed 150 million daily active users (DAUs) globally. This comes close on the heels of the company sharing the news of attaining over 1 million paying subscribers to their Premium services.

This is a significant achievement for Truecaller, which is emerging as a one-stop communication platform with a wide array of services like Instant Messaging, VoIP, and Payments. The 150 million DAU’s achievement makes Truecaller the most used communication app in India after apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Zakaria Hersi, the firm’s Director of Partnerships for Africa says Truecaller’s communication features like the smart dialer, VoIP capability, Instant Messaging, and their spam-free SMS inbox are some of the factors that have contributed to this milestone. According to Hersi, Kenya is Truecaller’s fourth biggest market in Africa with over 1.4 million daily active users.

“Africa accounts for 15.5% of the total daily active users, which makes this our second biggest region outside Asia, most primarily India,” says Hersi.

Sharing his thoughts on this unique achievement, Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-founder, Truecaller, said: “By differentiating ourselves from the standard stock dialer and messaging apps, and solving some fundamental communication problems for our users, we have been able to capitalize and excel the competition. This is a very significant achievement. 150 million daily active users and 500 million downloads is extraordinary. These milestones underline the faith and trust our users have in our brand.”

Along with this milestone, Truecaller will soon be rolling out two important features that will transform the standard dialer experience offered by smartphone manufacturers today:

  • Call Alerts: In an effort to help users depend less on low-speed and faulty networks, which are prevalent in emerging markets, Truecaller sends a Call Alert to users about who’s calling before the phone rings. This is a big upgrade for millions of Android users.
  • Full Screen Caller ID: Truecaller will be introducing the most powerful Caller ID and dialer experience on the market. There simply is no comparison when you look at standard dialers from phone makers. More and more people are finding it challenging to separate work and personal life, especially when they use their phones for both. With the new full screen Caller ID, you’ll see instantly whether an incoming call is personal, business, or spam – and on top of this you can do all other key actions like accepting, rejecting or sending a quick message from the same screen. This gives businesses a better opportunity to take control of their business profile, and in turn users will get more information on who’s trying to get in touch with them.


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