Adiel Akplogan, a VP at ICANN, inducted into Internet Hall of Fame

Adiel Akplogan, the VP of Technical Engagement at ICANN, has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame for his significant contributions to the advancement of the global Internet. Akplogan has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to the Internet’s growth, reach, and security in Africa.

Commenting on the recognition, ICANN President and CEO Göran Marby said: “Adiel is the embodiment of ICANN’s mission to work in the public interest. I know everyone at ICANN wishes Adiel congratulations on this significant achievement.”

(TOP: Adiel Akplogan).

Akplogan has been with ICANN’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer since 2015, where he develops and coordinates ICANN org’s technical engagement. David Conrad, ICANN’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “Adiel is key to our outreach and engagement efforts with the Internet’s technical community. This recognition is well-deserved and is a testament to his dedication and contributions to the ICANN community.”

Recognized as an Internet pioneer in Africa, Akplogan contributed to technical capacity-building and the deployment of some of the first private Internet Service Providers in Africa. He helped found and was the first CEO of the African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC).

Akplogan said: “We dreamed and worked relentlessly to build a regional registry that would become a catalyst for the African Internet ecosystem, tackling our challenges one at a time with diligence, discipline, and courage to build consensus.”

During his 25-year career, he has also served on the Boards and Advisory Committees of many multistakeholder Internet governance bodies. He has also contributed to building the technical coordination bodies in Africa such as the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG), the Africa Top Level Domains Organization (AFTLD), and the Africa Internet Summit. Akplogan, a native of Togo now living in Montréal, Canada, holds an engineering degree from the Université d’Abomey-Calavi and a master’s degree in E-Business and New Technology Management from the Paris Graduate School of Management.

Set up in 1998, ICANN’s mission is to help ensure a stable, secure, and unified global Internet. To reach another person on the Internet, one needs to type an address – a name or a number – into their computer or other device. That address must be unique so that computers know where to find each other. ICANN thereby helps coordinate and support these unique identifiers across the world.

The Internet Hall of Fame is a recognition program and virtual museum that celebrates the living history of the Internet and the individuals whose extraordinary contributions have made the Internet, its worldwide availability and use, and its transformative nature, possible. The Internet Hall of Fame was launched by the Internet Society in 2012.

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