KampaBits from Uganda is overall winner of 2019 Miss.Africa digital seed fund

The Miss.Africa Digital, an initiative of DotConnectAafrica’s (DCA) digital academy pan-African program, has announced the winners of the fourth edition of the Africa-focused seed fund award.

The 2019 overall grand prize winner of the Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund award is KampaBits of Uganda. BasaliTech from Lesotho and Ace Commmunications from The Gambia are both winners in the Second category prize.

The Women-in-Tech seed fund award is now in its fourth year and offers grants to support women and girls in STEM fields to launch or expand their initiatives and increase their digital opportunities in IT related training, jobs & leadership roles.

“Each year we are delighted to see growth and skills development and at this fourth year’s seed funding round, the quality of the applications exemplifies the deep desire for digital knowledge, this remains is unmatched,” Ms Kim Gueho, DCA Trust Corporate Trustee and Miss.Africa Co-Evaluation Committee.

“Its unbelievable, it was just a few years ago when we launched this amazing Seed Funding program to enhance and enable digital skillsets for women and girls, and to see us awarding the fourth round winners just shows the thirst for closing the digital gap.” Sophia Bekele, Founder of Miss.Africa Digital Program complimented the winners.

The 2019 Seed Funding Winners:

KampaBits, Uganda: (Grand prize $5,000)
“We are extremely honored to emerge as winners of the prestigious Miss Africa Digital Seed fund grant 2019. Winning this grant is one big step that has opened doors for us to be part of something great as well as positively impact the girl child in the technology field. We are going to use this grant to increase on our capacity thus accommodating and facilitating more girls in our technology training. We would like to thank DotConnectAfrica for their initiative aimed at empowering more women to engage in STEM & related careers,”  said Ms Mbawomye Justine, PM, KampaBits Uganda.

Ace Communications, The Gambia: ($1,000)
“We are pleased to be recipients of the Miss Africa Seed Fund. The Fund will play a role in supporting our initiative to engage and enlighten young girls in ICT while building their confidence to pursue future careers in STEM. Thank you” Mrs Fatim Badjie, Ace Communications, The Gambia.

BasaliTech, Lesotho: ($1,000)
“It is so amazing to see the smiles on these young girls’ faces when they run their first program, launch their first website or even interact with computers for the first time. BasaliTech is honoured to have been recognized and deemed worthy by the Miss Africa Seed Fund among so many initiatives and supported to continue making such an invaluable impact to Lesotho’s community,” Setsoto Hlohlomi, BasaliTech

The Miss.Africa Seed Fund has now covered 12 nations.


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