Taffuta digital app taps into rising smartphone usage to register growth

The upsurge in use of Smartphones in the country which now stands at over 60 percent has created a huge market opportunity for mobile App developers. According to Harsh Savalkar, Taffuta mobile app developer based in Kisumu County, the increase use of smartphones particularly among the youth offers SMEs and individual businesses an excellent platform to market their products and services through strategic Apps that integrate business and social life by click a button on their phones.

Small scale businesses create over 80 percent of the country’s employment and any platform that could allow them to market their merchandise to potential clients hassle free is a welcome relieve. This has seen Taffuta app which enables customers to directly interact with entrepreneurs when transacting business attracts over 5,000 downloads since its launch two months ago.

(TOP: Models Erick Musyoki and Vanessa Lumbasio go through the features of Taffuta mobile app which enables customers to directly interact with entrepreneurs when transacting business). 

“SMEs offering quality products and services are struggling to remain afloat due to high cost of doing business now have a platform where they can interact with customers from different towns and transact business via phone calls without worrying of middlemen infiltration or need to pay commissions”, Savalkar argued.

The developer said regardless of one’s business size Taffuta app allows you to register at low cost and upload photos of your products and services enabling you to reach wider market without necessarily sitting in the shop or business premises to wait for customers.

“They can also advertise their products and services online and anytime a customer is on site to purchase an item, the business owner gets a notification of the products a customer is looking for on the app, which enable direct communication between the two parties”, he added.

The developer said app users will find it easy to get any service or product in any town and also be able to see reviews of other customers about the products and get options of choosing from different businesses.

Recently the country has witnessed a surge in mobile apps to tap into the country’s over 60 percent population using Smartphones. Kenya is ranked top in Africa with the highest internet penetration and this has seen the growth of Smartphones tenth fold creating opportunities for developers to establish themselves in the market.


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