Move to the cloud drives significant growth for South Africa

Recent research by Gartner has suggested that South Africa will finish the year as the fourth fastest-growing major IT market in the world, with the country’s broader IT market anticipated to ultimately grow faster than everyone else, except for India, Israel and Singapore.

Gartner research vice president and analyst John-David Lovelock explains that the country’s exceptional performance is being driven in the main by the increasing adoption of cloud computing by local companies. Their increasing embrace of this technology is, in turn, being driven by the investments made by international cloud providers in local data centres.

“The growth in the IT industry in South Africa, which has been driven by consumer device sales in recent years is now switching to enterprise, cloud-driven IT spending. In fact, corporate spending on cloud services and digital transformation is likely to be the sector’s saving grace in the coming years. People who did not have cloud before are now piling in, which is why spending in SA is almost all cloud-based growth,” says Lovelock.

Traci Maynard, Microsoft Executive at Axiz, suggests that the Microsoft ‘Move to Modern’ approach, which is part of its current licensing strategy, falls neatly within this growth market, as it is designed to enable innovative new cloud and business scenarios that are able to scale.

“This strategy incorporates Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) as a key programme to enable partners to move their end-customers to the cloud with ease. My role at Axiz also incorporates the marketing of these Microsoft business groups and teams across our channel in South Africa and Africa,” she adds.

“Axiz is a solution aggregator focused on offering value-added solutions to its registered partner channel. Its Microsoft CSP offering via AxizCloud – which is a cloud services aggregation platform capable of provisioning, managing and billing sourced from multiple vendors – forms a vital part of the Axiz business strategy.”

Ultimately, she continues, Gartner’s research seems borne out by what Axiz is witnessing, as the company is also seeing the same trends as Gartner coming to the fore. She says that Axiz’s software business across 36 vendors is also showing an increasing contribution to the company’s revenue statistics, year-on-year.

Of course, as a company that operates across significant parts of Africa, Axiz is faced with growing the market not only in SA, but across the continent.

According to Cheryl Miller, Africa Manager for Sales at Axiz, success in Africa can be defined by how well a business crafts and executes on its strategy, improves its financial management, succeeds with business development, and how well it conducts partner enablement and C-level engagement.

“My team consists of 52 employees across Africa and South Africa, and I travel to eight main countries in order to support all aspects of the role alongside the team members responsible. By working closely together as a team, and equally so with our customers, we have been able to achieve our goals and grow Axiz business in Africa,” she says.

“There is no doubt that Africa is a challenging environment, where the job is both really hands-on and not that easy to exactly define, as demands and requirements change according to individual country dynamics. Fortunately, Axiz and its team have the ability to quickly adapt to new situations, along with offerings like CSP, which enables us to serve our customers across the continent well,” she concludes.


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